Never Correctly Baptized


I am a recovering mormon. I was baptized as a mormon as a very young woman. My husband remains an inactive mormon of many years and is fairly tolerant of my change of heart and desire to become catholic.

:frowning: My question is this: Since I now recognize that I must be properly baptized, have decided through much study of the Catechism, the Holy Scripture, conducting much personal introspection and prayer, and following the teachings of the RCC and I am heading toward 60 years old, do I have to wait a year before I am baptized?


Dear Mochi,

I know that a whole year seems like a long time because of your growing desire for the sacrament of Baptism. But you have waited almost sixty years already, one more is really not all that long. Iā€™m well into my sixties and the years just whiz by! Expect to have to wait the full year. If it should turn out otherwise, you will be pleasantly surprised. The sooner you check with a local parish, the better! You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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