NEVER doubt God...God works in mysterious ways!


Man. I had a prayer request answered today!! You got to listen to this. When I thought that God simply did not hear me. My sister has been having some major trouble “loving her small kids the cway God would love them” always finding fault in them and taking out her frustration verbally on them. and she seemed defient when I talked to her about it. I sat down upset about it. Not at her but I was frustrated at the way she was treating her kids. She decided to put in a sermon (She is not catholic, but a protestent and not very serious about God.) I was listening to the sermon and it began to skip because it was scratched and it kept skipping every second. I prayed to God and asked him "God you know faith needs you and she needs something from your Word, please get this CD to work and stop skipping. Well It didn’t, I was a little disapointed. Well she put in another sermon CD. And the sermon was about “Loving one another” and it had an emphasis on your children!..Jus what she needed! I write this because God works in mysterious ways and he answered my prayer not my way but his way :slight_smile: Thank you God and forgive me for doubting you.


Thank you for sharing your faith. Please continue to pray for your sister and to be patient with her. God bless.


Often God’s ways are not man’s ways.

When you think God to be farthest from you, usually that’s when He’s nearest.

i woke up at my regular time but as i’m laying there in bed i remembered it was a First Friday. i was mad at not remembering the night before to set the alarm for earlier. Well, there is another morning Mass nearby at another Catholic Church just a half hour later and i was able to make it to that one. Wow, this later one ended up being “better for me” than the other one i went to all those months.


I love stories like this!


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