Never enough time


Is this just a common symptom of growing older or a result of a faster and different life than it used to be?


In college, there was this really cool chart that showed mathematically that at 7, you’d actually experienced half the timeline of your life if you lived until 80.

It was something like this. At one-month-old, a day is 1/30 of your life experience. At 1 year, one day of your life is 1/365 of your life experience. At 20, one day is 1/7200 of your total life experience to date. At 50 one day is 1/25,500 of your life experience to date.

So someone did all the math and scaled it…which was really interesting. While we are on the same timeline of those younger and older our experience of that timeline is far different based on our age.

Lets look at a family waiting for Christmas:

Bobby age 5
Kaite age 3
Sammy age 1

Mom & Dad- both 35

Grandpa & Grandma Smith- both 65

Grandpa & Grandma Jones- both 75

How big a % of their life will they be waiting for Christmas

Bobby age 5 25/1825 or just over 1%
Kaite age 3 25/1095 or 2%
Sammy age 1 25/365 or about 7%

Mom & Dad- both 35 25/12775 or .2%

Grandpa & Grandma Smith- both 65 25/23725 or .1%

Grandpa & Grandma Jones- both 75 25/27375 or .09%

So while Grandpa Jones and Sammy both experience 25 days, those 25 days are only .09% of Grandpa’s life experience while they are a whopping 7% of Sammy’s. That’s a difference of over 7500 times as long.


And there’s the phenomenon that childhood seemed to go on forever, but things that happened 20 years ago seem recent to me.


I think it’s a combination of both. Remember when we were kids, time seem to go slow and life was not as quick and fast as it is now. Now that we’re a bit older time seems to just fly by I look at my kids and I want time to slow down because their still young enough to have fun with, believing in Santa etc., but yet that;s ok if we live our lives as good decent people and try not to have to many regrets then we have made it through life with the Love of Jesus, brought our children up to respect others also to Love Jesus with all their hearts., we did a good job.and claim ourselves to be "Forever Young’ God Bless you my friend.:butterfly::butterfly:


Excellent question. I certainly agree time goes by faster and faster as you age. Winters, which I used to dread, now just fly by. Summers, spring, blink of an eye. I do think the so called computer age has something to do with it - our brains probably work to process information faster, on a more superficial level. People drive more aggressively, dodge cars, bikes, in and out of lanes, like a video game. Who knows maybe they did that in the 40s. But I agree it feels ‘modern’.

I have to force myself to acknowledge seasons. I’ll even schedule a day or two off, just walk in the spring so I can see the new growth coming in - ditto summer vacations, swimming, hiking in July, August. Otherwise September comes and I have done nothing all summer but work. If it snows, I head out the door. Before you know it will be spring. :slight_smile: I got so soaked with rain on a hike recently but I was not exactly miserable. It just felt so good to be out in the woods, rain, falling leaves. I don’t dislike the rain. Later on in the car it was a little chilly. Soaked through and through. Cold. I cranked the heat.


Well, some of us can still find a few moments, now and again, to sit at our computers playing word games …


A lot of it’s about prioritising right? :slight_smile:


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