Never forget to smile, even when life is hard


If someone mentions “The Smiling Pope” many will know it is Pope John Paul I , Pope for only 33 days but remembered mainly for his gentle smile .

My mother’s hearing was not good , but she had a gift for reading body language .

Whenever Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor , the late Archbishop of Westminster appeared on the television she would without fail say , " He’s always smiling ."








Yeah I always think of JPI, he is someone who I call upon daily to help me out, along with JPII, John XXIII, Paul VI, Pius XII and others. Here is a wonderful movie on JPI, I hope he becomes a Saint one day (he’s venerable right now I believe):

This movie shows Albino Luciani (JPI) and Karol Wojtyla growing in their holiness and prominence through the papacy’s of John XXIII and Paul VI. It’s really a great movie, I reccomend it to anyone who likes Catholic movies and likes Popes :stuck_out_tongue:


You want to talk smiling clergy, Cardinal Timothy Dolan is a perfect example. He’s the Archbishop of New York, I’ve shook his hand before and been to two masses he celebrated (ordinations). He’s really funny and holy Cardinal. It was speculated he would be the next pope after Benedict

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I remember being in line - for a cashier -
there were seven of us in line…I was number seven.
Well, person number one was an elderly lady -
and she was arguing the item was on sale - etc -
I got a bird’s eye view of the line of people -
they were all angry after 3 minutes - except guy number six -
he turned to me and smiled.
I smiled back - and then making small talk with him - I said -
" Patience - is a very difficult virtue for one to attain "
He looked down with the same gentle smile and said…"yes,…yes "


Patience is
the capacity to endure the gap between what really is and what should be. Or what we would like to be.
To live fully in the moment and accept God’s presence in it. Then we can smile if we know God has it all in his hands and will help us to where we are going.


Blessed María Arminda Echeverría



St Katherine Drexel





The late Cardinal Basil Hume , Archbishop of Westminster .




Pope Pius XII .


Good Pope John .


Two smiling popes . . . . . . . Pope Paul VI and his successor Pope John Paul II .


You mean “his successor John Paul I” (not II!)


Thanks . :smiley:

Yes Pope John Paul I .




One of my favourite saints, Bl. Alexandria of Balazar!
She suffered a back injury and remained bedridden for the rest of her life. When someone told me about her when I was recovering from a paralysis below the waist, her story was so compelling- so I read about her. What a beautiful saint!

Pray for us!

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