Never mind the Sham Wow and the Snuggie, now they're selling the Chia Obama

You know, the pottery that grows. The company responsible for the Chia Pet has come out with an Obama head on which you spread the seeds. They’ve been advertising them on a local radio station in Chicago as a way to show your patriotism. (Yes indeed. Nothing says love of country more than a clay bust of Obama with plants growing on its head.) The Walgreen’s drug store chain, however, has decided to stop selling the product because they think it’s offensive, but I understand that you can still get them on

I can’t understand why it is offensive. I heard they did sell a Chia Bush and Chia Clinton.

Here’s the link. I can’t decide between Happy Chia Obama and Determined Chia Obama… oh well, in for two!

It was ok to poke fun at Bush and Clinton, but somehow it is not ok to do it with the “chosen one”. I want the appologize for America being arrogant sobs one!! :smiley:


LOL!!! Who else do they have?

I think I will pass. :shrug: We will probably have the trash police checking to see if we throw it out and arrest us for disrespecting BO. :onpatrol:

Hahaha, I saw this comment on another page:

Should have done the Chia Biden; could have saved some $$ on the seeds…

Maybe the Chia Obama could do a better job with fixing the economy. :shrug: The chia Obama probably costs around 10 bucks while the real one is costing us trillions. :wink:

Hmmm… what if we spent those trillons ON Chia Obama??? Just think…

  • Plenty of economic stimulus (manufacturer & all retail outlets).

  • Since we’re not wasting trillons on inept government beaurocracy, we can pay down the national debt.

  • Plant life helps remove CO2 from air - cleaner air and less global warming.

I think I’m on to something… really… :thumbsup:

I think I like this idea as much as I like the idea of borrowing Barack’s name to sell chicken.:smiley: For an explanation, see CAF thread

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