Never to weak protect yourself if you are armed

Never to weak, to protect yourself if you are armed.
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She called 911 and told them, ‘I Will Have to Kill Him’: 70-Year-Old Woman Uses Hand Gun to Corner Home Intruder
This is a righteous lady.

Just think what would have happened if she wasn’t armed?

Opponents of private gun ownership claim often that it is better to let the police handle things. But I think it is pretty clear that a great deal can happen before the police arrive and in that case it is better to be able to defend yourself and your family.

I haven’t owned a gun in years, but I just bought a 20ga shotgun for home defence. Even though I’m not a great marksman, I can just aim in the general direction and hit something, but I will shoot only if my life, or the lives of others are in danger. The dealer told me that gun are selling pretty fast, because people are afraid of what the anti-gun congress and president will do in the future. I agree.

More guns are lost in home burglaries than are ever used for self protection. This adds to the number of illegal guns on the streets. Then factor in the number of guns found in homes by children – with tragic results. Next, add in the grim fact that most guns in the home, if fired in anger, are used against a family member in an argument.

Burglars are much more reluctant to steal watchdogs.

"This week, a toddler fatally shot himself after finding a gun in his parent’s car. According to Jackson, Miss., authorities, the 3-year-old was sitting in the car at a gas station when he found the gun in the front seat and shot himself in the face. Police questioned the boy’s parents, but no charges have been filed.

But these aren’t freak accidents. More than 500 children die annually from accidental gunshots. Some shoot themselves, while others kill friends or siblings after discovering a gun….

Here are just a few heartbreaking cases:

-On July 19, 4-year-old Dylan Jackson shot himself to death after finding a loaded gun at a friend’s home during a birthday party.

  • A 3-year-old Southeast Washington boy shot himself in the foot and grazed his hand while playing with his father’s gun – which he found lying on the floor.

  • A 2-year-old Tampa boy shot himself in the chest with a loaded 9 mm he found in his parent’s couch while playing.

  • Last February, a 13-year-old boy shot himself with a semiautomatic handgun in the home of his guardian, a Maryland police officer.

  • The 10-year-old son of a New York City police officer died after shooting himself in the face with his father’s loaded revolver. The boy found the weapon on a shelf in the basement while looking for a ball his mom had hidden.

Is there a way to stop these senseless deaths?
The NRA (National Rifle Association) sponsors classes that teach children if they find a gun to leave the area and inform an adult, but studies show kids who take these classes are no less likely to play with guns than kids who don’t attend class.

“The biggest mistake parents make is assuming their child doesn’t know where the gun in the house is,” says Matthew Miller, associate director of the Harvard Injury Control Research Center. “Kids are smart and if they know there’s a firearm in the house, they’ll probably figure out a way to get to it.”

Here’s Beau with another anti-gun rant.:clapping: :hypno:

What are the statistic on child/dog attacks? Don’t get me wrong, i’m pro-gun and pro-dog, but if you’re gonna be fair…
What are the statistics on number of people killed in home invasions?

As a gun owner and hunter, I am not by any means anti-gun. However, I just see too many specious arguments about handguns and home protection. And this thread is not about me.

Dogs attack kids but not too often. My point is that handguns in homes are not an unalloyed benefit nor are they mandatory for home protection.

If we started posting news stories about home invasions thwarted by handguns and stories of handgun accidents, which do you think would appear most frequently? And don’t make a paranoid blame of the ‘msm’,either.

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

The neutron bomb of home defense:thumbsup:

Ya beat me to it, Lurch. This is my mantra on home defense.


Beau I know you say you’re a gun owner and hunter but a lot of the posts you make seem anti-gun ownership to me. Am I wrong and misunderstanding you?

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

We always catch you when you are speeding though :cool: :smiley:

Plus we don’t take Holidays like the Postal Service does.

God bless

For me it is no problem. I live in southern Louisiana, we can take guns apart…FAST. And we can work them from age three. no offence but it is all the sissy city kids that accadentally shoot themselves. If you hear of it down here, they did it on purpose. no joke. it’s sad. This is why if you have a gun you should have a gun safe .

As many as 30 minutes away.

We had a news story up here maybe abouta month ago. A woman called 911. all the operator coudl hear was shuffling and screaming type noises. He said several times something “ma’ma? ma’ma? what is the emergency?” Then when he got no answer but the noises, he said “Call me back when you are willing to talk to me”, or words very close to that effect. The woman was being attacked and beaten. They played the tape of the call on the news several times.

The crooks can steal anythign when no one is home. But if someone IS home, then a gun would be your best defense. And no matter what, the family of the crook will be on the news that night swearing he was good boy and sang in the choir on Sunday and would never hurt a flea…despite his rap sheet a mile long of gang activities, previous weapons and theft charges, and domestic violence.:mad:

Now SHF, I will stipulate that you Louisianans are probably on top of your weaponry as you say. But as a resident of the Ozarks, I just refuse to admit that our hillbillies are in any way second to your pirogue-drivers when it comes to that. :wink: Around here, if you go around the countryside, the chances are at least 50-50 that somebody who has a gun is watching you do it, whether you can see them or not. That’s why people don’t bother to lock their houses or take the keys out of their vehicles.

I’m a gun owner and a hunter and I am anti-NRA. There are many of us like that.

It’s easy to shoot a watchdog with a silenced pistol. Shooting an armed homeowner (provided he knows what he’s doing) is a little more difficult.

Unfortunately, gun control does not cure stupidity. In every one of those cases, the kid found a loaded weapon that an idiot adult had left laying around unsecured. Until you can cure idiocy in adults who don’t know how to use or secure a weapon properly (which is unlikely, because we have no mandatory training program in this country and are unlikely to get one because of the "guns are ucky!" mindset) you will have these kinds of senseless accidents.

But, to be fair, if you did take the guns away from the idiot adults, their kids would still die, due to the idiot adult leaving the keys in their cars, or pots of hot boiling water sitting on the edge of the stove, or household chemicals sitting out where they can easily be consumed by toddlers, or ladders propped up at precarious angles aganst the side of the house, or any other number of easily preventable situations which take place because the idiot adult is too stupid or lazy to take the proper precautions.

(shrug) It isn’t just guns, bubba.

I’m willing to take the chance of a burglar:

  1. carrying a pistol

  2. with an effective silencer.

Such is the stuff of the old ‘Man from U.N.C.L.E.’ tv shows. A watchdog warns about someone trying to break in. A guard dog engages an entrant and could be stopped by a gun wound.

This thread is about the use of handbuns in home protection.

I dunno, Beau. I’ve never used a handbun (for home protection or otherwise), but it sounds to me like a recipe for sexual harrassment.

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