New Abortion film "22Weeks"

I’ve heard about a sobering new film with the above title which I believe is coming out soon, but don’t know when. I just heard about it today and haven’t had time to do any research on it.

It’s evidently about a woman who has an abortion at 22 weeks gestation and the baby survives the procedure.

That’s all I know about the film, and am wondering if anyone else has either seen a private screening of it, or a preview, or has any input to share as far as it’s message is concerned.

I can only hope that this is indeed a positive film for the anti-abortion movement and not some liberal pro-choice advocacy film.

Any input from readers is greatly appreciated.

Here’s the link to the official website.

Sounds interesting.

Well, quality wise it sure doesn’t seem like a 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days(another film about abortion) but it looks ok

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