New Advent Headlines

New Advent, home of the 1911 Catholic Encyclopedia and a lot of other good information, ( recently began to offer a very good headline Catholic news service that comes out once a day.:thumbsup:

When I get it there are no line breaks at the end of the line and I have to manually move my cursor to read the information. Is anybody else having this problem? :shrug:

I would ask them but there doesn’t seem to be any way to contact them.

Thanks in advance.

It displays fine for me using Mozilla Firefox as a browser. What are you using?

BTW, you can contact Kevin by using the CONTACT US link at the bottom of the main Catholic Encyclopedia page. He changes this email link often to fight SPAM.

Thanks, Tedster!

I figured I’d get an answer here quickly. I’ll contact him directly.

I use Firefox also. I’m pretty sure it’s been updated. When I clicked on “properties” it didn’t say.

But I did notice that it was configured for Windows 95. Should I change that to NT 4.0, 2000, or Win98 (the only other choices it give me?


Open Firefox. On the menubar, navigate to HELP>>About Mozilla Firefox. That will give you the version number you are using (I am running the latest build, If you are not running that build, you can update by navigating to HELP >> Check For Updates, and download and install the latest version.

My setting has the checkbox NOT checked, so it runs in my current environment.

Are you using Windows 95? If not, uncheck that box and see if that makes a difference.

Tedster, I also have I will uncheck the Win95 box. Thanks a million.

I have regular “stability” problems with WIN XP Home, Office 2000, etc.

As I am retired, becoming somewhat geeky in my 50s, I find myself having no friends that know the slightest thing about computers to whom I can go with simple questions about these problems the most likely are well known to real geeks.

Any recommendation on a good place to go for simple Microsoft questions.

For example: I do mostly surfing and blogging. I generally have two or three Firefox icons open (and tabs within those). Occasionally one will disappear for a while, and then “return” later.
I suspect that the “page view arrows” aren’t showing up for some reason. It’s very irritating when I want to access an open page and I have to minimize all other pages to make it come back.

Thanks again, Tedster.

Not really. I usually use google and can find most resources I need. For example, my wife’s computer crashed recently… no display whatsoever after startup. I googled and found out how to manually restore the system settings through the Recovery Console, something I knew absolutely nothing about!

With the proper search criteria, you will find answers to most of your questions!

I am assuming when you say “disappear” that you mean from the Taskbar. That could simply mean that you have to many applications (programs) running at once, not sure. I try to keep all webpages open in 1 window of Firefox and use the tabs for different sites. You can easily drag and drop the tabs to a convenient order too! Tabbed browsing is one of the best features Firefox brought to the table for me.

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