New Advent's (The/a Catholic Encyclopedia) has many different urls all to the real site?

The below is from the first two pages of my bing search of the word newadvent. They all say they are New Advent and take the site’s layout and scheme and favicon, at least the several I checked did.

[SIGN] (is this one the real one?)[/SIGN]

Is it that new advent is so big it needs like 20 backup urls or is there some sort of scheme against reading the real encyclopedia and it’s homepage news section, and the old church documents going on?

This is quite common. Most of those are guards against typos or obvious subdomains.

Yep. I did a WHOIS search on a few of them, and the domains are registered to Kevin Knight. He is often credited with bringing the old Catholic Encyclopedia to the web.

While Googling, I also found a few more domains similar to the ones listed by the OP. They too were registered by Kevin Knight.


They’re all the same domain folks.

The is the domain name, and the text before that is the subdomain.
The subdomain is not registered independently, it comes with the hosting account which many offer virtually unlimited subdomains. So you can have
or or or

For example, this domain - has a subdomain called forums, which probably points to… One can host subdomains on different servers though, even halfway across the world, I think.
point to the same page.
Your browser automatically loads the page /index.html or default.html, or index.htm or default.htm depending on which is found in the directory.

For Whois info on see:

I see one can purchase if one wants to and point it to

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