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I read in the story of a lady who was once involved in the occult that when she was deeply involved the “bible” for them was A course in Miracles, a large book–but I don’t know what it was about. Has anyone delved into this?/ Thanks, MaryTravler

When I was a teenager and still new to Christianity I made the mistake of checking the audio book version out of the library… and lost my faith for quite some time. The “Course in Miracles” is very dangerous and should be avoided.

Wasn’t Oprah endorsing this?

Kind of hard to explain she is endorsing a course that a different guy started called “A Course In Miracles” which isn’t the same thing(possibly close, but not the same). However, her spiritual advisor had something to do with the book and endorses it.

tHANKS EVERYONE for the replies to my inquiry about “A course in Miracles”, but I need more hard proof that it can be a bad source of answers to faith questions and spiritual guidance. Does anyone know a professional critic or an author who has actually studies this “Course in Miracles”??? Thanks, God Bless, MaryTravler

Well, just Googling the term to see what pops up:

Here’s something from site called “Leadership U”, which appears to be a Christian-based academic coalition of professors from various universities. From that site you can read “A Course In Miracles A Biblical Evaluation” by Russ Wise.

Here’s something from EWTN: “A Course in Brainwashing” by Tracey Moran.
excerpt: *Catholics across the country are alarmed at the increasing popularity of a New Age phenomenon known as “A Course in Miracles,” a system of spirituality proponents claim is the “Third Testament” of God to His people.

Even more alarming, critics say, is that the movement is gaining a foothold among some Catholics.*

Here’s something from Dean C. Halverson (from Dean Halverson is a World Religions Specialist with International Students Inc., a para-church organization committed to sharing Christ with the half-million internationals studying in the U.S. He was a researcher for the Spiritual Counterfeits Project and is the author of Crystal Clear: Understanding and Reaching New Agers. He lives in Colorado with his wife, Debbie.) he wrote for the Christian Research Institute Journal: Addressing the “Positive Gospel” of the Metaphysical Movement (just use CTRL-F and type Miracles to be quickly taken to the section he addresses about Course in Miracles)

Whether these authors meet your criteria for “professional critic” or ‘author who actually studied this course’ will be for you to decide once you’ve read what they have to say.

I have a tape by Father Benedict Groeschel titled “Private Revelation”.

In this tape he mentions, among many other things, the book “A Course in Miracles.” It was written by a Jewish woman he knew, and when he read it he was aware that it was misleading.
He also shared that she was a tormented woman and died a horrible death.

The book is a source of confusion for many vulnerable people, and leads them away from the truths of our supernatural faith. There are many books that can do that, using high-sounding words. Oprah, sadly, endorses such books.

Here is an informative article critiquing “A Course in Miracles”.

I believe that the New Age movement and Scientology are satanic. When you look at the new age section in barns noble, you see books on witch craft and Sylvia Browne.

Oprah doesn’t seem to have a problem with either of these.I guess that shows a lack of good judgement on her part. I wouldn’t listen to anything she says.

“Course in Miracles” is Christian Science rewarmed through the mind of a poor (spiritualy) Jewish woman who thought she was receiving revelations from “Jesus”

She had spent a LOT of time prior to these “revelations” reading Christian Science literature and other proto-new age stuff

Today on the Catholic Answers Radio show, they highlighted the book and some of its effects on some of those that follow its beliefs.
They spoke about a Marianne Williamson that is on Oprah Winfrey’s radio program. Ms Williamson apparently highlights a segment of this book every day and offers a little lesson.

Was very interesting…

According to the program, A Course in Miracles is very New Age, cult like, and a bit scary. Seems to say that everything is an illusion and sort of dehumanizes people.

Does anyone have any comments on this topic?

The Course In Miracles is not for everyone and the Roman Catholic Church does not encourage it as far as I know. I suspect most devout Roman Catholics would not need to study it. I do know Roman Catholic priests, brothers and nuns who have studied it.

At the same time, I’ve read many writings based on A Course In Miracles and it was instrumental (in a good way) in my changing from an agnostic to a devout Roman Catholic.

I am glad that it worked out for you in a way that assisted you to become a Catholic! God is so good.

Father Benedict Groeschel, known for his wisdom, knew the woman who wrote that book. He became very aware that it had some beautiful writing in it, and also some confusing writing in it. A mixture.

No, the Church does not encourage “A Course in Miracles”. Unfortunately, many who are involved in new age practices are not aware of anything wrong with that book.

We have so many writing treasures in our Church that come from the Doctors of the Church, the saints, and approved private revelation devotions (Mercy Chaplet, Sacred Heart, etc.) that we have no need to look into such books. They can confuse and deceive.

Obviously that did not happen with you! :slight_smile:



Marianne Williamson is one of Oprah’s spiritual “all stars,” along with Chopra and Rhonda Byrne. I have the book and it is like the other posters said here. I will say it IS very attractive to a certain mindset if one is in a particular frame of mind. :rolleyes:

Which unfortunately I was in at a certain time. Thankfully, I am no longer in that particular vulnerable frame of mind. :thumbsup:

Ironically, Williamson very critical of abortion. Although she says she has no problem keeping it legal. But personally tshe leans the other way. :rolleyes:
Ultimately, New-Agey Satanically-Inspired gobbledygook.

Hope that helped.

Along with the other posters here. :slight_smile:

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