New Age Christians

I have just come upon this site.
I had never heard of this before, but I’m finding that a person who believes this stuff justifies many things contradictory to christian faith according to this hocus pocus.

Have any of you heard of Kim Michaels?
Where would you begin your critique on this one?

The first thing I read was: Jesus was not an idol to worship but an example to follow. I’d start arguing it here.

Was Jesus just a good guy? If so, then Christianity is no different than all other religions out there that preach goodness. What makes Christianity unique is that Jesus claimed to be the Son of God, God as well as man.

I would fight it with the Trilemma, the idea that Jesus was either sane or insane. If he was insane, then we can’t blame him, and we should question whether we should follow His words… But reading the bible we come to realize that he was definitely showed no symptoms of insanity. If Jesus was sane, then he was either lying or telling the truth. Why does a person lie? To gain personal glory, to hide from guilt… Basically, if Jesus was a sane person as well as a truthful person, then he was actually God and worthy of our adoration! Not as an idol, but as the Son of God who was our Saviour!! There are more details that you can explore on other sites…

The site also claims that we should love as Jesus taught and leave the ‘fear based’ approach of mainstream Christianity. I find this almost hilarious. Mainstream Christianity is all about love!

All of the points on the site are so easily ripped apart… I think what is essential, is that we cannot merit salvation on our own. Our salvation comes through the extreme and perfect sacrifice of Christ. Those who believe in new-age systems rely only on their own works, they don’t know the truth!

God bless!

Thank you Mary!!

Yes - I was wondering about that “Jesus as an idol” statement,yet at the same time they claim to worship Him - it is very slippery! (like a snake!)

I noticed they are claiming that 2 infallible catholic teachings have been proven to be wrong. They alluded to one being of a scientific nature (the church used to teach the world was flat) I didn’t see what the 2nd was supposed to be.

STAY AWAY, stay FAR away! This is a lot of new age hocus pocus, which is really very old age! God Bless

i think the ‘fear’ aspect they refer to is our ‘fear of God’, in which we experience guilt for our sins, and are afraid of hell, for ourselves and for others.

don’t be afraid to sleep with whomever you please, don’t be afraid of unrestrained pleasure, don’t be afraid of breaking out of ‘binding and restrictive traditions of men’. this is the ‘don’t be afraid’ that they’d say.

Dear Mary,

I haven’t read enough of the website to defend or attack it, but I actually didn’t find that particular assertion humorous.

The reason is that it is so true for so many Catholics, especially in the recent past. I know because my parents’ teachings in Catholicism was largely based in threats and rewards, not love. If you ate meat on Friday you were going to hell. If you ate or drank past midnight before receiving the Eucharist you were going to hell. Your non-Catholic friends are going to hell if they don’t convert. If you missed Mass you had better be incredibly sick or you’re going to hell. If you said a bad word or thought a wrong thought you just might go to hell. Confession, confession, confession, and you’d better get there before you die because you neeeever know when He will take you. Good little Catholics in those days were steeped in fear, and every moment they felt they were walking on eggshells. This was not the type of fear as in peace-bringing “awe” of the greatness of the Lord, but the type of fear that brought about anxiety.

Thankfully this has gotten better in the last few decades, but it has not gone away completely. There are even traces of it in the Act of Contrition where we say we regret our sins because of our dread of the loss of heaven and pains of hell. Then, almost as an afterthought, “and also because they offend you.” If it were all about love and not about fear of punishment and desire for reward (a.k.a. behavior modification) then we would simply regret our sins because they offend, rather than please, God, and leave it at that.

I ask your indulgence in changing your statement to, “Mainstream Christianity is ostensibly about love.” In practice, whether it achieves that status varies highly from one parish to another, one sermon to another, one teacher to another, and from one day to the next.

Listening to criticism is an excellent way to discover ways to become better. They may be wrong, but sometimes not. Maybe everything else on this web site is wrong, but I cannot categorically dismiss that the “fear-based” approach, though more subtle than it used to be, is alive and well.


I would suggest Peter Kreet’s essay, The Divinity of Christ, that is available on his site. It is a great essay, very succint and effective.

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