New Age Problem


After reading posts that mention new age philosophies I am asking why there is such an agressive stance towards this way of life. I know of many “new age people” and while some of them are not going to be on my christmas list, the great majority are very decent people. Kind, generous, hard working, nice to animals, etc…I have seen no evidence of evil goings on. I also know of pagans and wiccans, where, again, I have seen nothing to give me cause for concern. They just choose to believe something different. If you are a
decent person, does it matter what you believe. Statements such as" such total ignorance of the true faith2, and “dedication to heresy” can be viewed as very arrogant.:tiphat: :tsktsk:
So.What is the big problem?:shrug:


Yes, very much so.

If by ‘‘New Age beliefs’’ you mean things like Wicca and Neo Paganism, I have a personal problem with their members making up elements of history to suit them:

‘‘Wicca was the original religion’’ and ‘‘The Catholic Church killed 50 million Wiccans in the Inquisition’’ are two such lies I have seen in writing on this forum.


Even I would agree with some of the above… Wicca is a modern belief. And as for 50 million wiccans being killed during the inquisition…Wicca came along a few centuries later. the problem with Neo paganism is that there is little to go on with regards to written text. Some of it has been fabricated.


And that which has not been fabricated recently is still false teaching in the eyes of the Church.

As with all other religions, it contains seeds of truth, such as the existance of God, however it does not contain the fullness of Truth and as many New Age practices are not overtly religious in nature they can fool Catholics into thinking that they are acceptable practices.


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