New Age Propaganda in "Day & Night" (shown w/ Toy Story 3)

I knew something smelled fishy about the movie shown before “Toy Story 3”, and here it is. Maybe frequent CAF guest Sharon Lee Giganti will mention this next time she’s on the show.

Here’s the source:

I don’t know about anything smelling fishy…I saw Toy Story 3 (which was incredible!!) and saw Day & Night before it. I felt it was easily one of the best shorts Pixar has ever done, and I thought the message was great. I took it as saying that we should all get along, regardless of our differences. You know, we are all humans and are all God’s creatures, so be nice to everyone despite the differences. I’m not really seeing any other “propaganda” there than that. Just my :twocents:…

Why do you considered that New Age Propaganda? I’m having a hard time seeing how you came to that conclusion.

The short, which was really quite good and had a very creative way of introducing sound effects, had some flaws, but there was nothing in it I would identify with “New Age” thought. It was just the story of the process people tend to go through when they meet someone who is different from them, until, despite the differences, they are able to identify with one another. I found the one bit of dialogue a little heavy handed; the point was being made very well without explicitly having to say it, I thought. It was propaganda of a sort, I suppose, but it was a very American kind of propaganda.

Bottom line: It was a very well done short.

I saw no problem with it. I fail to see how it can have “new age” propaganda by talking about how we should learn to respect each other, etc.

I'm finding it hard to understand how the short is showing anything "new age". I would love if someone could explain this to me.

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