New Age Question


Is acupuncture considered new age and therefore Christians should not participate?


It is not “New Age” per se, though new agers have adopted it. it is traditional chinese medicine. Whether or not it actually works hase never been verified by medical science


I know of a priest who has it for rheumatoid arthritis and swears it works. And he is a very conservative priest.


Acupuncture goes back to the Stone Age, they used the edge of sharp tools. The use of needles started about 2 thousand years ago. In China many doctors use acupuncture anesthesia instead of drugs.

An older friend of mine frequently travels overseas. She also has health problems. She tried acupuncture in China. When she came back to the states her doctor worked with her and also an acupuncturist. She is no longer on High blood pressure meds. You never know.

I wanted to add though, if you are uncomfortable with the thought of needles you could always try acupressure instead, then go from there.


I know that this is reviving an old thread, but rather than start a new one, I figured I’d ask here.
My concerns come from being raised in a “Catholic” in name only “new age” household.
I have a Chinese friend who tought me some “excercises” to help my eyesight - it involves rubbing specific points on the body. This seems strangely familiar from the Chinese network of points I hear about from my mother and others -. I highly doubt that my friend is a “new ager” - it seems to me more like she’s teaching me a traditional Chinese thing.
Is this like accupuncture in that it is okay in general, but not when hijacked by new agers, or should I stay away?



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