New Age Seminar


New Age seminar

I’ve had this fantasy of giving a seminar on `True Spirituality’ at
one of those New Age venues. Where people are used to hearing about themes of empowerment, intention, positive visualisation etc., I’d stand up in front of the crowd and say:

"True Spirituality is a process of loss rather than gain. The focus on what passes for spiritual in the New Age milieu – is all about procuring: Wealth, social and personal interactive powers and skills, better self image, physical wellbeing and so on. All about gain.

"In reality the Spiritual path is about loss. Losing the attachment, and identification with everything one clings to and identifies with. The only force which can bring this about is suffering: Physical, mental and spiritual suffering. Success with techniques for gaining all the things we think will bring happiness will in reality just postpone that fateful day – when everything (including the separate, limited self itself) is lost – and God is Realised.

“Thank you.”

And that’s the end of the seminar. Of course, there is a no refunds

Jim Migdoll, Australia, 2006




I have to disagree.:slight_smile:

It sounds like a Catholic seminar rather than New Age.

I have never understood why we have to suffer to be happy. Jesus suffered so we wouldn’t have to. Detachment is always good, though. It helps us look at situations as a calm observer instead of a constant worrier. Wealth and better self image do make us happy. We should always be happy in life. What i wrong with that?


Hi Blacktiger,

Have you read the book of Job in the Bible? try that, you might understand.

Colossians 1:24 Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I complete what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions for the sake of his body; that is, the church.

See the recent thread on this verse:


The New Agers would just say you are taking a Buddhist tack. Not that it would actually be Buddhist since Westerner’s conception of Buddhism is the usual leftist, secular relativism/hedonism with spiritual window dressing.




I have never understood why we have to suffer to be happy.

To the extent that one is attached to selfishness, then the process, the surgery, that one voluntarily undergoes in order to relinquish that selfishness, does involve some degree of discomfort, pain, and suffering. But the suffering is just a necessary phase, and it is never permanent.

Jesus suffered so we wouldn’t have to.

Jesus did say something about taking up one’s cross, and imitating him.

We should always be happy in life. What is wrong with that?

Yes, always be Happy, whether you are currently feeling pleasure or pain.:slight_smile:


Oh, I thought you meant that we should suffer throughout our whole lives and we’ll be happy. Now I understand it much better! Thanks!:smiley:

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