New Age site about herbs and unwanted pregnancy


I really debated about posting this, but decided that I needed to. While searching for information on fertility I found a site, very New Age and “all hail Mother Earth”-ish in nature about herbs - and most of it is about using herbs for contraception and herbal abortion.

I appreciate freedom of speech, I really do. But if I can find this site, so can a scared teenage girl who thinks she might be pregnant and is petrified to talk to her “really religious parents” about it.

It goes into detail, including what herbs to use, how much, and how to prepare them and take them. It also talks about “communicating with the spirit of the baby to let it know that now is not a good time and you want it to release”. The way it’s all phrased almost sounds like a religious experience, as if it makes everything okay and that the kid won’t mind you killing it since you explained it so well.

We warn each other of anti-Catholic or anti-Christian sites, and of other things that might harm our children. To not let the parents on this board know about the existence of such a site seems irresponsible to me. If you want the URL, PM me. In an effort to be responsible about this, I will probably check some of your other posts to assess if you are truly an adult. I probably also will not give it to new members or those with very few posts.

I’m adding “anyone who reads that site” to the list of people I’m praying for. :crying:


It is truly scary just what we can find out in cyberspace… I will pray for “those who use that site” as well and hope that a scared pregnant teenager will find herself at a Catholic crisis pregnancy center or on a moral website before she finds that site!


:frowning: That’s so sad…


Scary too. They’re dealing with self-medicating in ways that no doctor would allow.

Wait till people start dying from this.


Well, if it works like they claim, people will be dying no matter what. :frowning:


I have read that herbs and other natural remedies were used in ancient times for the purpose of abortion. This is nothing new. Abortion is not something recent; it has always existed…whether legal or not. If Roe vs. Wade is overturned, these types of methods will be used more frequently in the privacy of a woman’s home.


I wish we could get some kind of pro-life site to pop up when people search under terms that would pull up a site like this … I know girls who used sites like this in college.


To be fair, I should mention that the site does have links to adoption websites and does admonish readers to re-evaluate their sexual and/or contraceptive practices rather than depend on solutions like this. It also has a couple of sections on using herbs to increase fertility, which is how my search landed me there. But overall, it is focused on ending life and on the home page even boasts a “teen section”.

gag, gag, gag


That sounds New Age all right…

Depressing and distressing…


I think that site is completely inappropriate.

Originally posted by Liberanosamalo
Wait till people start dying from this.

I think several years ago a girl followed a recipe to drink pennyroyal tea to induce an abortion and she died from internal bleeding. I think her parents were speaking about the need for greater regulation or something. (Sorry about fuzzy details, this was at least 8-10 years ago).


Yes, I remember reading that sad and terrible story in a secular women’s magazine. Of course, the NARAL crowd were all over it moaning, “if only she’d had better access to a safe, medical abortion!” :rolleyes:

I stumbled across this site myself, it isn’t so hard to find. It does warn of the risks of herbal abortion, but I suspect those warnings will mostly be ignored.


Sounds like a Wicca thing to me. Wiccans believe themselves to be ‘goddesses’ and feel that abortion is just another rite of passage goddesses go through and it’s considered a completely normal thing. Every experience is about them and how they feel and the ‘experience’ of it. It’s beyond disturbing.

I know a girl (well now woman) who got WAY into the whole Wicca thing when we were in HS. She had ohhhhhhhhh probably 4 abortion last I knew? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :mad: :mad: :mad:


I was into the Wiccan thing a little bit when I was in highschool and early college. The major tenant is “An it harm none, do what thou wilt.” I guess that only counts when they want it to. :frowning:


I was too, and as a (then) “pro-choicer”, I neatly sidestepped the whole “not harming anyone” issue by pretending that the baby wasn’t a human yet. There was, perhaps, a soul that was waiting to incarnate into a body, but as preborn babies weren’t living things, what’s the loss of one vessel to a soul that exists outside space and time?

The “wonderful” thing about religions that lack a central authority or a codified set of beliefs is that you can make up whatever you need to kill your conscience.


Yeah, that. My “best friend” from highschool introduced me to Wicca. She recently had an abortion…


This is very sad :frowning:

Years ago, under doctor’s supervision, I took motherwort and several other herbal extractions to regular my cycle. It worked beautifully and quickly - I still have crippling cramps from endo, but have been off the herbs for three years and my cycles are a regular 32 days, instead of 14-70, and I bleed for 4-5 days, instead of 10.

I was not sexually active at the time and so thought nothing of the big warning labels on the bottles “Do not use if you may be pregnant”, but I remember the sales girl would be so visibly, viscerally ANGRY whenever I bought them. Slamming around, shooting me death glares. I hate to think she assumed I was trying to give myself an abortion :frowning:


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