New Age

Not certain if this is the right place for this…

On Sunday I attended a fundraiser hosted/sponsored by AVEDA on behalf of their gulf restoration project. Was concerned when one of the “stations” was a CHAKRA JOURNEY … which included a woman who would spray some sort of essence that represented a CHAKRA on my “aura”…

First, why do I have to see this at a fundraiser sponsored by a major firm (owned by Estee Lauder)? I have no problems with supporting the Gulf Restoration project of the clean water project…

Second, the woman was suprised when I was not interested in participating. I was polite but firm. When did this stuff become mainstream and acceptable (such that “saying no” was unusual and unexpected)?

Third, is there a way to spread the word that Aveda is utilizing and promoting this New Age stuff… so that those of us who DONT want to participate in it can avoid the company?

Or am I just overreacting?

Oh no Catherine! They’ve gotten in our AURAS, AHHH!!!

I also use an Aveda Salon .My manicurist asked me to donate to this effort.I politely said " no",that I donate to many charities already,do not appreciate being hit up to donate for various causes, through Aveda,PetvSmart,Pottery Barn… Tedious:eek:


I think you just did spread the word. :slight_smile:

Some companies want to try to sell their product to you as if the product could also fix your love life, blood pressure, spiritual direction and bad Facebook posts. The wise ones know it’s just soap.

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