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Yoga is promoted by New Age and, I think, Buddists. Is it considered anti-Christian or how would it be described and why is it not approved of by the Catholic Church?

Yoga is actually of Hindu origin. Here is an interesting article on yoga and the Catholic Church: Basically, yoga is closely tied to the Hindu (and other Eastern religions) making it a slippery slope for Catholics. I think I heard once on EWTN, saying that you only do yoga for the physical benefits is like saying that you only go to a strip club for the food (note, they were not saying that strip clubs and yoga are similar).

What about listening to the genre of music called “New Age” (Artists such as Yanni, Buddy Merril, etc)?

The whole “New Age” thing is nothing more than a self-serving, secularist thing to make people with amoral behavior feel less guilty about what they are doing!

“New Age” is like so many things in the world, some good to it and some bad to it.

The true “New Age” will begin when Christ enters one’s heart and changes one’s life so that they follow his footsteps.:thumbsup:

New Age spirituality and such seems to me like the logical result of when people simultaneously want to separate themselves from organized religion and be personally spiritual. So many people desire the meaning religion gives to us, but they don’t want the dos and don’ts associated with actual religion.

That being said, I don’t think Yoga for health purposes (in the non-religious context) is inherently anti-Christian.

Maybe one could meditate on some Saint!:shrug:

:thumbsup: inded:D

What is called “New Age” today is just spiritual soup. All sorts of things in there.:hypno:

And as we know soup from a can is loaded with sodium and other unhealthy things.

New age is a broad umbrella term that can apply to a plethora of belief systems.

Remember, Christianity and Islam were once the equivalent of “New Age” theology when they appeared on the scene.

And, many of their practices met with heartfelt opposition to them, much as we see here.

No single belief system has all the answers, although there are those who believe theirs does.



Possibly the most worrisome problem of all is that almost all brands of canned food, except for a very few organic ones, contain the endocrine disruptor bisphenol A, better known as BPA in the can lining. BPA is a byproduct of the chemicals used to prevent can corrosion.

Why is BPA such a HUGE, HUGE problem, particularly for our children?

Because it causes massive hormone disruption with the serious problem of early puberty, ADHD, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and the list goes on and on and on.

I don’t feel there is anything wrong with practicing Yoga at all. Some believe certain ‘poses’ in Yoga can be bad, but I don’t believe this and feel this couldn’t be possible. Yoga is all about stretches, posture, breathing and being at one with the body that God gave us.

I had a friend tell me to beware of Christian meditation, and she was a Christian!:eek:

Everyone interprets things so differently. I think if it’s good for your body, mind and spirit and you enjoy it, why not. :slight_smile:

Well said Michael. I find this is my personal struggle returning to the church…some good, some bad…mostly good though :wink:

Same as New Age in the spiritual sense can disrupt spiritual “hormones”

Oh I really like Yanni, and John Tesh.

Dont monks and nuns do comtemplative praying, and meditate, new age is just going back to Greek and Persian theology. Dont many RC’s do comtemplative praying, the Rosary comes to mind and when saying it don’ t we mediatate on Jesus and the mysteries.

When one speaks new age, one must distinqusih as when one says Christian, how many different beliefs are there? So new age can mean many different things.

The problem with this comparison is that we HAVE to eat the unhealthy along with the healthy when we eat a can of soup.

I belong to an exerciser class that I call stretching…that is labeled as yoga. The instructor is a strict Catholic.
I think clarification by the OP is needed as to whether we’re talking the physical or spiritual part of “yoga.”

I beleive there is a pagan association in UU that is called CUUPS, is that correct?

My new age housemate believes that all religions have equal amounts of truth. yet he always goes to Mass with me.

It is hard for me to understand the Newage philosophy, they beleive that God is in everything, God is everything, and all creation is God.

To me that seems to say there is no God outside of themseves and comes down to atheism. When they pray are they talking to themselves if God is everything.

HM and I have gone around and around on this so much that I just don’t say anything about it any longer.

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