New agers, neo-pagans gather to greet solstice

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Stonehenge again? One of these days I’m going to have to check out the party, or find one like it here in the states.

Or maybe not.

I notice something, though. Winter Solstice is supposed to be far more important to pagans because it marks the rebirth of life and return of the sun to the earth. Summer solstice marks the end of that rebirth.

In the AP news article linked by the OP, attendance at the 2014 Summer Solstice celebration at Stonehenge was estimated to be 36,000.

In a Daily Mail news article covering the 2013 Winter Solstice, attendance at Stonehenge was only 3,500.

It appears devotion to druidic religious celebrations is a tad bit more insincere than devotion found in other religions.

That’s right, not like us Catholics, who never miss a day of obligation.

Like many trends, I think this one is fading. Vikings are cool now. Druids are fading and Celts are definitely out of style. Whatever happened to the Hare Krishnas? The flowers in the airports were nice. The sexual abuse was not, however.

None of these people claiming to be ‘Druid’s’ had a leg to stand on with regarding such claims. The real Druids fulfilled a certain role in societies that have vanished or been transformed so utterly as to render those roles meaningless. Their knowledge was passed on orally and through years of study. To become a Druid took many years of constant study and the modern '‘Druidic’ movements can be traced back to stuff like Iolo Morgan’s attempts to revive the whole concept using a largely romanticised and made up version of history which ignores the real pragmatic role Druids played in the societies where they were prominent.

I don’t think the majority of people that attend these events are looking for a new religion. They’re just curious. That’s why the flutuation in attendance. The majority are just having fun with it and going for the show, so to speak.

I don’t know anything about those who are looking for a religious experience.

Personally I prefer Manhattanhenge and if these “modern” pagans really are modern, shouldn’t they?

This is really sad. We need to pray for these people that they would be converted to Catholicism.

As a spokesman for the Solstice, allow me to respond:



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