New aggressive strain of HIV discovered



So tell me again why having sex outside of traditional marriage is such a good thing. :frowning:


In the rules of political correctness, the risk of someone being offended is worse then the risk of someone dying.


Just in time to destroy the hope of man discovering a cure so people could once again indiscriminately have inappropriate relations with each other outside the sacrament of marriage.


Unfortunately, I don’t think the fear of HIV/AIDS has changed long-standing patterns of sexual behaviour in some parts of the world, and I doubt if it will in the future.



One of Satan’s lies is that consequences are for other people, not for me.


We could also maybe discourage drug use? A significant number of HIV cases come through intravenous drug usage, like heroin for example.


Agreed, but with the door open to recreational drug use, I don’t see a positive outcome.

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