New al Qaeda wing in South Asia claims major attack


Al Qaeda’s South Asia wing has claimed responsibility for hijacking a Pakistani naval ship and trying to use it to fire rockets at U.S. vessels in the Arabian Sea, in the first major assault by the newly created group.

The SITE monitoring service quoted its spokesman, Usama Mahmoud, as saying a group of militants had succeeded in seizing control of the Pakistani frigate PNS Zulfiqar and tried to use it to attack nearby U.S. vessels.

“These mujahideen had taken control of the Pakistani ship, and they were advancing towards the American fleet when the Pakistani army stopped them,” he said.

Well…thats an interesting turn of events.


The attempted hijacking of that ship was reported last week:

Has a new attempt been made, or is this terrorist group trying to claim that its failure was actually a success? Here is an earlier news report:


First I have heard of this. Is it confirmed?

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