New Allegations Surface Regarding Archbishop McCarrick and Newark Priests



Thanks for posting; I wonder how much more will come out. Unfortunately I don’t have much faith that the Newark archdiocese and seminary will be cleaned up given who is archbishop there. But the more evidence and testimony that gets out the better.


From Catholic News Service . . .

New allegations surface regarding Archbishop McCarrick and Newark priests

By Ed Condon

Newark, N.J., Aug 17, 2018 / 05:00 am (CNA).- Recent allegations against former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick include reports that he made sexual advances toward seminarians during his tenure as Bishop of Metuchen and Archbishop of Newark.

CNA recently spoke to six priests of the Archdiocese of Newark, and one priest member of a religious order who was a seminarian in New York in the early 1970s, while McCarrick was a priest of the Archdiocese of New York.

Citing archdiocesan policy and concerns about ecclesiastical repercussions for their candor, the priests agreed to speak to CNA only under the condition of anonymity. The priests spoke individually to CNA, and their accounts were compared for confirmation.

The religious priest who spoke to CNA said when he studied in a seminary in New York, McCarrick, who was then an aide to Cardinal Terence Cooke of New York, would sometimes visit the seminary. The priest said that McCarrick’s reputation was already well established by this time.

“The dean of our theology school was a classmate at CUA with McCarrick, and he knew about the rumors,” the priest told CNA, “he spoke about them with the other faculty and theologians very openly.”

So well-known was McCarrick’s reputation, the priest said, that when McCarrick would accompany Cooke to visit the seminary there was a standing joke that they had to “hide the handsome ones” before he arrived.

The same reputation reportedly followed the archbishop years later, when he served from 1986-2000 as Archbishop of Newark. One priest of the Archdiocese of Newark told CNA it was an uncomfortable experience when McCarrick came to visit the seminary.

The priest said that McCarrick would often place his hand . . . or on their thighs while seated near them.

“It was really unnerving. On the one hand you knew – knew – what was going on but you couldn’t believe it.”

Several other priests from Newark spoke to CNA about similar experiences.

One priest worked in close proximity to the archbishop in the archdiocesan chancery for a number of years. “There were the ‘nephews,’ for sure,” he said. . . . .
. . . some graduating classes from the middle 1990s have seen nearly half of their members leave ministry, and concerns have been raised about the behavior of some of those who remain in ministry.

Fr. Desmond Rossi was a seminarian in Newark in the late 1980s. He has publicly alleged that, in 1988, two transitional deacons sexually abused him.

According to Rossi, he told archdiocesan authorities about the assault and went before a review board. He said that his story was “found credible, but nothing happened.” Instead, he claims the archdiocese turned against him . . .


Bishops and priests sexually abusing our priests and seminarians!

The 2002 scandal was awful.

So is this scandal.


The fact that our own priests are still freightened, tells us there is a lot of uncovering that needs to yet be done.

Citing archdiocesan policy and concerns about ecclesiastical repercussions for their candor, the priests agreed to speak to CNA only under the condition of anonymity.

This fear from our priests would not be occurring unless there was significant POWER involved by at least SOME of the Bishops.

Which is WHY Karl Keating’s recent input needs to be carefully, thoughtfully read.

Read some of Karl’s input here . . .


A public accounting of all the arrest records of the Bishops themselves (not mere “police records” they can too easily be “expunged” but “arrest records”) over the last several decades need to be evaluated.

ANY payouts of any kind for ANY reason that have occurred, need to be transparently brought to light in the public sphere (we have already seen almost a half-a-million-dollar payout from a Bishop issue that was NOT electively brought to light in our country).

In addition a public statement releasing all people (including priests) from any and all non-disclosure agreements need to be undertaken.

An INQUISITION (or Reverse Inquisition) is needed here to investigate our Churchmen who are responsible not only for turning a blind eye to abuse of boys (and girls etc.) but we ALSO need a thorough evaluation of the allegations of these men who are responsible for . . .

. . . sexually abusing and harassing our Catholic priests and seminarians!

According to the Vatican such an inquiry will need . . .

This inquiry will need to have

  • proper independence

  • sufficient authority

  • substantial leadership by laity


Where is the accountability for all those other bishops who knew or should have? Cdl O’Malley was sent a letter in 2015 about this. Says he did not receive it. June 2018 he says that apologies are not enough. Aug 2018 says an apology for not acting on letter he should have received? What is wrong with this picture?


Looks like they’re investigating now. Also, an interesting note is that Cdl. Tobin dropped out of a media briefing today at the World Meeting of Families at the last minute.


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