New AMC TV series about priests

I read an article in the Catholic Register about a new Fall (07) series titled “Vows” (I think), supposedly a positive portrayal about Catholic priests. I have yet to see it and am wondering if the series was canned or maybe it’s on a cable channel that I don’t have. Has anyone heard anything about this? Thank you.

I Googled Vows & found this review from the NCR:

Priest TV Show Vows Respect

NEW YORK — The fall television lineup will include a show about Catholic priests. But it won’t be a tale about corrupt or dysfunctional priests, as some shows in the past have been.

Rather, “Vows” — now in production for the American Movie Channel — is about a priest who is faithful and is in love with the Church.

The innovative drama, whose protagonist is a Jesuit, will be aired as part of AMC’s first efforts to produce original episodic dramas.

[not sure this is accurate – AMC has at least three series already: Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Hustle]

AMC brand “Television for movie lovers” is driving the network to produce shows with strong character-driven stories with strong emotional content. Karen Hall, the show’s creator, is an award-winning television writer and novelist. Having written for a number of popular shows, including “M.A.S.H.,” “Judging Amy” and “Northern Exposure,” she has recently been commissioned to write “Vows.”

Is the Register the good NCR? I can never remember.

Karen Hall is a good name. She has her own blog and is good friends with former-religious-postulant-/-Catholic-watchdog-screenwriter Barb Nicolosi And her sister, Barbara Hall, created Joan of Arcadia.

Is the Register the good NCR? I can never remember.


It sure would be nice to see a positive show about priests! :smiley:

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