New American Bible 1970

A few years back I found a New American Bible that is from 1970. It does not contain the Revised New Testament and the Revised Psalms. I am wondering. Is this version better than the revised NAB?

If you are reading and not debating, I think any of the copies are pretty good. I have the latest version with the revised and sometimes I do wonder about a word here and there. But then I try to read past the word for my own understanding. If I was debating, I think I’ll try to stick to RSV-CE unless I can read greek/hebrew/aramic myself.

Yes, but that’s not saying much. :smiley:

The 1970 NAB New Testament was interesting to say the least. Lets just say the 1986 revision was very needed.

I think the best NAB would be the one with the 1970 Old Testament (including Psalms) and 1986 New Testament.

I have no idea what happened with the 1991 Psalms… such a mess… :frowning:

The NAB is going to revise their Psalms along with the Old Testament. There have been a lot of complaints of the 1991 revised Psalms on these forums, even the U.S. Bishops voted not to use them in the new revised Roman Missal (instead they are using the Revised Grail Psalms).

yup, I can’t wait!

I wonder if the Grail Psalter will be included. According to, the Psalms are not being revised.

I saw that on their site too, I know that I read it somewhere that the Psalms were going to be revised, it came out a little while after it was announced that the Bishops rejected the NAB Psalms for the liturgy. Well I guess we will have to wait and see. It would be nice if they used the revised Grail Psalms (so we could have the same Psalms in the Bible and in our Liturgy), but I am not counting on it. The Bishops have the copyrights to the NAB Psalms and not the Grail Psalms (a lot more Bibles are sold than Lectionaries).

hmm, was it from…

Might have been:confused:, I’m so confused, it shouldn’t be this hard. USCCB, just use the revised Grail Psalter and save us all a lot of grief!

Interesting! I’m sharing them with your kindness:)

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