New American Idol Thread

I think the old Idol thread had to do with Sanjaya. Now that he’s gone (but not forgotten) and we only have six left, WHO’s gonna get the boot this week and who’s gonna stay in the Top Four?

Here’s my prediction:

OUT: Blake and Lakisha

IN: Phil, Chris, Melinda, Jordan

Lakisha has really not done well at all the last few weeks, and unless she can work a miracle, she’s out. As for Blake, I think he’s been sick or something the last few weeks; his voice just doesn’t sound very good at all. It’s a shame, because he was the top man for awhile. If he can get better, I think he might hang on and bump Chris out.

But Chris has momentum going right now. I think the mixup about Simon and Virginia Tech helped Chris’s image. It got voters riled up and voting for Chris. I don’t think he’ll win. He’s not really a very good singer at all. But I think he’ll make Top Four.

I am torn between Melinda and Jordan for the ultimate winner. I love Melinda, but I can’t imagine her creating a huge fan base like the very beautiful Jordan.

And I like Phil, but I can’t see him winning. I think he will be snatched up by country music recording companies, and he will do very well in country music. I would buy his albums. Great family guy! Love his attitude! If I had to pick a personal favorite to win, it would be Phil.

Out: Chris and Lakisha.

Lakisha was hurt by the choice to not boot anyone last week, assuming she would have survived last week. She did really well last night, but I don’t think she can overcome the huge number of votes being carried over from last week.

Correspondingly, Jordin benefitted from the arrangement, as her performance last night was ghastly. It is possible that she has a big enough base that she would have gotten by with an “off” week, since there are other weaker singers left, but if it was based on just last night she would have been in trouble.

I see the finals coming down to Blake and either Jordin or Melinda, though I would rather it be Jordin and Melinda. I fear that at the 3 person week Jordin and Melinda will split votes and Blake will slip in because of that. All three of them are going to have careers though regardless.

Very good, John …I agree :yup:

I like Jordin and Melinda …Blake is good but a little goes a long way with him…I couldn’t see myself buying his cd, now I can see myself buying the new Michael Bubble’ cd :bounce: Or maybe one of my children will buy it for Mothers Day :extrahappy:

I was actually glad to see that I was wrong about LaKisha going last night, though I suspect that with who is left that she will go next week.

I was also happy that when Ryan got to Jordin last night he halfway apologized for playing with her last week. I thought that making her sit through that whole show expecting that the “shocking surprise” was that she was going home was way beyond the normal level of cruelty.

Well, I was wrong. I’m sad to see Phil go, but I think he will be happier singing country than pop, just like George Huff is happier singing gospel than pop.

Lakisha saved her butt with her great “rock” performance on Tuesday! I really liked it. She is very naturally talented and seems to have a great attitude.

My daughter thinks that Melinda might get voted out because so many people will assume she’s getting all the votes that they will vote for someone else and she’ll lose. Hope not. I really think she’s amazing.

I actually like all four of the top four. Good luck to all of them! At this point, I think it will be a question of chooses the best songs for their voice, and who doesn’t mess up on any little thing. We can’t see any more “This isn’t my style of music” excuses. They have to be really good from here on out.

I like the final four, too. Although, I predicted Chris and Phil were going to go last night, I was sad about Phil!!!

Here’s my take: Lakisha will go next, then Blake, then Melinda. Jordin will win, although I think Melinda is the best singer of the group. I LOVE Melinda, and can’t wait for her first cd!

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