New Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury

I am just curious, what some Anglicans think over the prospect of Sentamu becoming the next Archbishop of Canterbury? As a former Anglican, my mentality of Rowan Williams was that he could not hold the communion together. So a lot of pressure seems to already be placed on the next Archbishop on keeping the Anglican Communion together. Any thoughts?

Speaking as a former Anglican myself, they would do well to elect someone from the global south, where the majority of practicing Anglicans and more conservative ones live…

It is my dream however, that a very high church Anglo-catholic would be the next ABC to lead the communion back to the Catholic Church…I can dream! Ha. I would personally vote for Mauneer Annis of Egypt

I only ask for someone conservative, orthodox, and with an eye towards evangelization. Anglo-Catholic is good but not necessary.

Do you think a very conservative man like Akinola would even try to keep the Anglican Communion together, or even care about keeping it together?

Who really wants to go down in history as the Archbishop of Canterbury who presided over the collapse of the Anglican Communion?

… And I think that’s why Williams resigned.

There is an interesting article on VirtueOnline, the Voice for Global Orthodox Anglicanism entitled, Archbishop of York’s Brother-in-Law Questioned about His Famous Relative, Dr.John Sentamu will not compromise the faith, he would sooner stand down, says his Uganda relative

As the article points out, Sentamu entered England as a refugee, fleeing from Idi Amin. He has successfully “climbed the ladders” in England.

I think his experience would give him insight into the role of ABC, as well as an understanding of the relationship between Church and Monarchy.

Dr. Sentamu is well positioned for the next ABC, but he will have an uphill battle in uniting a troubled Communion.

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