New Apologetics software

What’s the name (or a link) to the software they have been advertizing on Catholic Answers the past couple of weeks. It supposedly contains different bible translations, ECF quotes, church documents, etcetera all in one program…

Is it faith database?

Any help appreciated.


The Faith Database.

I purchased it about a month ago. It is really easy to use, has many Bible translations and writings of the Church Fathers just for starters. For 49.95 I got the software and 12 monthly updates. They add to the available writings every month.

I couldn’t recommend it more. We I guess I could if they came out with a MacOS version. It runs in Windows.

Go to:

God Bless.

I downloaded the program last night and installed it on my computer, and I got the 12 months of updates. It seems great. What a vast array of resources. I’m sure I’ll never use half of it!


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