New Archbishop for St. Louis

At about 5AM (Texas time) my text message alert went off like an alarm. I thought it was one of my students, but, when I read the text, I was pleasantly surprised:

Good morning! Most Rev. Robert J. Carlson was selected by the Vatican as St. Louis’ next Archbishop.

Here is the report from the Vatican Information Service:

  • Appointed Bishop Robert James Carlson of Saginaw, U.S.A., as metropolitan archbishop of St. Louis (area 15,451, population 2,177,000, Catholics 566,000, priests 737, permanent deacons 248, religious 2,176), U.S.A. The archbishop-elect was born in Minneapolis, U.S.A. in 1944 he was ordained a priest in 1970 and consecrated a bishop in 1983.

I am sure that this is great news for the people of St. Louis!

This is indeed wonderful news for St. Louis. I had hoped that perhaps the Vatican would send Bishop Morlino from Madison to them, but this sounds equally good for St. Louis.

Eagerly awaiting an announcement about a new Metropolitan for the Province of Wisconsin/Archbishop for Milwaukee, however. Any ideas on when that may happen?

Sorry to say so, but it looks like Madison,WI really needs Bishop Molino there. He is doing a great job but he is not done yet.

Blessed be God for St Louis and God owes the Diocese of Saginaw a whale of a new bishop:

Boy oh boy - Just when us in Michigan were getting happy with the dynamic trio of Bishop Boyea, Arch Bishop Vigneron and Bishop Carlson, God blesses St. Louis. May be Father John Riccardo from Detroit, pastor of Our Lady of Good Council, Plymouth Michigan ? Boy I hope the new Bishop of Saginaw will be better than Bishop Carlson ? !!! That would be a whale of a Bishop.


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Such a thought has just made my day! I’m not counting on this to happen but it has lifted my spirits in knowing there are great priests out there such as Fr. Riccardo to lead the church for years to come.

Oh. My. Goodness! What will Saginaw do without Bp. Carlson? He’s brought them so far. Saginaw’s loss will certainly be St. Louis’ gain.

He’s nurtured vocations so that seminaries are nearly bursting. Godspeed, Bp. Carlson!

Dare we hope?

As a St. Louisan, I am encouraged by your comments. I was hoping for a pro-life, conservative bishop.
This will burst the bubble of those who were hoping otherwise. Archbishop Burke took a lot of grief from them. His promotion to the Vatican was sweet!


You’re getting a very conservative, EXTRMELY Pro-Life Bishop who stands up for whats right, even if it loses money in the church collection and turns some against him.

Know that Bishop Carlson wants to do the right thing and that he will do his best as well in St. Louis to reconcile the St. Stanislaus bunch. He will be kind and pastoral, but will not be wishy-washy or give in to something unreasonable.

St. Louis is very lucky to gain Archbishop Carlson. He is definitely a faithful prince of Holy Mother Church!

I was a seminarian for him a number of years ago; although I didn’t follow the path to the priesthood, what I gained under his leadership as a layperson and seminarian are things that will never be forgotten. Archbishop Carlson is one of the many many holy priests and bishops who have made me a strong, faithful Catholic. There needs to be more of us to fill the pews and encourage vocations! :smiley:

Anyways, Bless you, Archdiocese of St. Louis! You have a wonderful upcoming Archbishop and know that he is different than Archbishop Burke, but their hearts are in the same places and their goals are similar!

I suspect we will be seeing an entirely different breed of animal elevated to bishop. There will be more orthodox, obedient bishops, replacing the old dying guard. The pendulum is swinging back to center from the left.

A couple of years ago the good Bishop and a group of seminarians (he travels almost everywhere with some of them to show how human and real priests really are) recorded the rosary at the Catholic Radio station in Ann Arbor… the whole purpose was for people to say more rosaries for vocations… even driving in the car or working around the house.

Pop the CD in and start praying.

God speed, Bishop Carlson.

Congratulations, St Louis.


One of my favorite Carlsonisms:

“I do not care if a priest is conservative or liberal.” What matters is if the priest is obedient to Church teaching."

When Bishop Carlson came to Saginaw, some of us thought he might get the ArchBishop of Detroit. When he did not get it, the thought was it was because of his past encounters with cancer. Now he is going to St. Louis. What a man of God and a truly faithful leader in the Church. And when you hear his preaching, St Louis, I think you will be eccstatic and thankful to God for your new Bishop.


he sounds like such a great Archbishop! :smiley:

I am very excited for St. Louis! I am from South Dakota, and have several memories of when he was the bishop of the Sioux Fall diocese.

When I was in 4th grade, he celebrated Mass with our school (Sacred Heart School) during Lent, and during the homily he asked us students what we were doing for Lent. This year happened to be the year I attempted to give up yelling at my younger brother (I only yelled at him 16 times throughout the course of Lent!). Bishop called on me and brought me to the front of the church and asked me a few questions. I ended up getting my picture in the local newspaper. I’ll never forget that experience!

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