New Archbishop of Canterbury - Justin Welby

Interesting bio to say the least. I’m curious to get the take of some of our Anglican cousins here on CAF.


Sounds like someone trying a bit too hard to be all things to all people - Halloween themed service? Playing ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon on church bells?

As it is said, Anglicans are in their theology a mile wide and an inch deep.

Not all Anglicans.

Present company always excepted, of course :slight_smile:

Naturally there are plenty of Catholics who are just as bad.

Fair enough:)

It’s only in the last few days that I’ve even heard of justin Welby but having read about him I think he may well be a really good ABC…decisiveness and diplomacy are going to be massively important in the Church of England and the wider Anglican communion.

Yes. My only problem with him is the liturgical goofiness mentioned in earlier posts on this thread. Otherwise I think he sounds wonderful. And that’s not to put down Rowan Williams, whom I also respect (as, apparently, does Welby, although of course it wouldn’t do for him to say otherwise even if he felt otherwise!).


Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss.:smiley:

Not trying to sound disenchanted, it just seems to me that diplomacy is a train that left the tracks long ago, especially for those Anglicans in Africa and South America.

From the looks of it he comes from the more conservative wing (keeping in mid we’re talking about Anglicanism). He could be good for the church, we’ll see.

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