New Archbishop of Glasgow


Just thought i would sare this.

Today the new Archbishop of Glasgow was inaugurated.

I was lucky enough to be given a ticket for the mass and for a reception held by the city council afterwards.

What a truly beautiful mass it was, everything was so well organised and thought through, from the alter servers to the readers and the music everything was perfect. (Not for one wee alter server mind you who passed out towards the end of mass, he was fine eventually just too hot)

I spoke to the Archbishop at the reception afterwards, he was a priest in our parish 16 years ago and he remembered me! I was only 15 when he left!

I think he is the perfect man for the job!


Does anyone know if this is available to watch on video over the Internet? I could not find a live stream as it happened, which was almost a blessing, because I was asleep in my time zone by the time it started.

I have watched the last few episcopal installations on video and it is very exciting to see the whole diocese come together in unity and really put their best foot forward, liturgically. The music is top-notch and it’s great to see familiar faces of visiting bishops and cardinals.


It was being filmed, I'm not sure if it will be shown online, but if I find out I will pop the link on here.


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