New Article: Latino Pentecostal Style Mass


Oh No, This sounds horrible.
Pentecostal style mass
Is this how all Latinos worship or is this a particular strain.


Why did you post a second thread about this article after you posted in the original thread? :confused:


I haven’t seen one mention of the word “Pentecostal” in the entire article that you linked to… The focus of the article is on the growing influence of Latino’s who are Charismatic Catholic in the American Catholic Church.

I think in asking asking your question in this way “Is this how all Latinos worship or is this a particular strain.” might be seen as presuming all Latino’s are somehow lumped together as worshippping with the same kind of Catholic Spirituality… And why you would use a word like “strain” instead of group for example is beyond me…:rolleyes:

The Catholic Church is rich with different spiritualities in which one can express ones love for God… (Carmelite,Franciscan… etc). As a Puerto Rican Latina I am not attracted at all to Charismatic masses or spirituality.

In my area (Northern New Jersey) you have many Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Ecuadorians…and so on… I see some Charismatic masses here and there but they occur something like once a month. So there is not a great demand for it where I live.

I think the Latino community in America is much more diverse culturally than most non-Latino’s can even imagine… We represent 17 Latin American countries including some islands in the Caribbean…Each country having its own Spanish dialect and customs…

In some areas in the various Latin countries Spanish is not even the language spoken… I take articles such as the one you linked to concerning the Latino influence on the Catholic Church with a grain of salt… I know the diverseness of the Latino community and you can’t lump all of us all together as if we come from one united “Latino land”… we are a rich and diverse community. I wish those who write such articles would take that into account.

So to answer your question…no, not all Latino’s worship in this way.

Just my two cents…

God bless


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