New Atheists Face Various Problems (link)

Of course, this is nothing new…

“They cannot get out of the penumbra of Christian controversy. They cannot be Christians and they cannot leave off being anti-Christians. Their whole atmosphere is the atmosphere of a reaction: sulks, perversity, petty criticism. They still live in the shadow of the faith and have lost the light of the faith…The worst judge of all is the man now most ready with his judgments: the ill-educated Christian turning gradually into the ill-tempered agnostic”—GK Chesterton, The Everlasting Man

The intellectual shallowness of the New Atheists is a pretty prominent and recurring theme in the writings of Edward Feser, whose The Last Superstition: A Refutation of the New Atheism sealed my decision to be baptized into the Catholic Church. Problematically, they seem smart only in comparison to the fundamentalist Protestants who raised them and who they’ve been surrounded by most of their lives. And if you only look smart compared to the dumbest person in a room, well…

I was just reading about the new A+ atheist movement, which apparently requires all atheists to support all left-wing “progressive” causes in addition to (or because of) not believing God exists. :shrug:

I would just like to say that from my experience, the VAST majority of atheists think the A+ movement is fullof batsh*t crazy people and do not subscribe to their ideology at all.

And then there is a vocal minority bullying everyone else into accepting them.

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