New baby blessings


hey all, just wanted to share our blessings - - DS Joseph Francis was born today! He's son #2, child #4, second biological, and a VBAC (yes, it's possible!) and joins DD #1, age 5, DS #1, age 4, and DD #2, age 2. It was a long road, as my bride started having contractions - - painful, strong contractions on Saturday morning, and although at one point they were six minutes apart, by late Saturday night they were down to eight, ten, twelve minutes apart. She was spending hours laboring in the tub, and only slept between contractions since Friday until last night.

Last night, we went in, had her water broken, and got an epidural so she could sleep, and the "therapeutic rest" did what it was supposed to do - - it gave her a break so she could sleep last night, and when she (we) woke up this morning, her contractions were regular and progressing, close together, and she was nine cm dilated. We had to kind of scurry into the birthing room, and about 25 minutes later, our son was born! Praise God!

Mom and baby are doing well.


Congratulations! :extrahappy:

Praise God for your newest baby blessing. :love:




how awesome wonderful happy cool!


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