New baby!


She’s finally here:

Bailey Loraine
6 lbs. 10 oz.
18 1/2 inches

Momma and Bailey are doing great. Thank God for answered prayer.
I put a quickly taken picture up on my blog.


Beautiful! Congrats!:slight_smile:


Congratulations! I checked your blog she is beautiful:) God bless your little family.


There’s something about Christmas babies isn’t there :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Your family is in my prayers. :slight_smile:

Aaannnnndd…I was born on December 15th at 6:00 am! Wow! At what hour was Bailey born?


Congratulations and Merry Christmas…looks like you guys got your gift a bit early (was not refering to your MIL:D ):wink:


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: Happy Baby to you
Happy Baby to you…
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Too awesome! Congratulations!:clapping:


She is absolutely beautiful!!! WELCOME BAILEY!!!
Congratulations Mom and Dad!!!
I’m happy to hear all are doing well!!! (including you!, Semperjase)
Merry Christmas


Absolutely gorgeous!!!

God bless you all



She is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations! What a wonderful blessing!


Beautiful baby! Many congrats to you and your wife.


Welcome Bailey Loraine!!! God bless you and you family and have a Merry Christmas!!!



She is a beautiful baby! And very cute! :smiley:

Congratulations! :thumbsup:


(not to take away from the current cutie, but thinkin’ 'bout you!)


:heart: Welcome to our world baby Loraine!!! :heart:

Congrats to the proud parents as well. May God bless you all.

Here’s to 18 yrs.of no sleep. lol :smiley:
(but it’s worth it)


She was born at 3:52 pm. There was a run on the hospital. Seven babies were born that afternoon. Lots of early Christmas presents in town :D.

We’re home now and trying to get settled in, but I imagine that won’t really happen for a few days. I’m loving getting to know my daughter.


Thank God for small miracles, especially the warm cuddly kind…

Merry Christmas, and God bless your beautiful little girl!




Awwwww. What a good dad! :thumbsup:

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