New Batman Animated Shorts DVD!

Batman - Gotham Knight coming on July 8th!!!

It’s supposed to be a tie-in between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight:

It’s a DVD only release.

I appreatiate a more modern, mature Batman being made, but I’m kind of put off by it being drawn in Japanese Anime Style like seen in The AniMatrix and Chronicles of Riddick - Dark Fury.

I mean, I lke the style, I just don’t think Batman is well suited for it.

So, who else is excited for more Batman - The best “Superhero” ever?

I can’t wait, the soundtrack comes out July 1st along with Gotham Knight I believe. The soundtrack of begins was great, and after reading an article with an interview with Hans Zimmer on the score, I cannot wait to hear the Joker’s theme. The movie is supposed to be around 3hrs long which is great, the longer the better! :thumbsup:

I think they are gonna use Yoshiaki Kawajiri as one of the art directors which is absolutly fabulous

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