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I recently started a new Bible study with a bunch of women from my parish that seem to be really nice, holy people. They all have the same Bible they’re using, so I bought one for myself (like I need another Bible!
Anyway, we’re using the Catholic Women’s Devotional Bible. Any opinions about this Bible?


I’ve never heard of it. Does it seem the same but with add reflection pieces?


That’s a “New Revised Standard Version,” and it’s on the USCCB’s ‘approved’ list of translations - Even the CCC uses it in the English translation (although, usually, the RSV-CE).

Personally, I prefer the ‘old’ RSV-CE for personal study… but the translation is ‘approved’ and I assume that the ‘devotional’ portion is loyal to the Church’s teachings. Check to see if it has an imprimatur and a nihil obstat for the non-Biblical content.

May God bless you and your Bible study group!



Yes, it does have an imprimatur but to tie this in with another thread I’ve been involved in, my Bible says this, about Mary Magdalene, on page 1628 :

“Her Character: Though mistakenly characterized as a prostitute in many popular writings, the Bible only says that she was tormented by seven demons. She probably suffered a serious mental or physical illness from which Jesus delivered her…”

  1. So, were the “demons” described in the Gospel of John really demons or was her problem a physical or mental illness labeled “demons” because they knew little, if anything at all about medicine, especially mental illness?

  2. Was Mary Magdalene mentally/physically ill or did Jesus cast demons out of her?


**Mark 3:15,16 ** Then He [Jesus] appointed twelve, that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach, and to have power to heal sicknesses and to cast out demons:
Matthew 10:1 And when He [Jesus] had called His twelve disciples to Him, He gave them power over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease.

The Bible is very clear that some of the people that Jesus healed were healed of physical infirmities while some were freed of demons. To hold an opinion that the people of that time (including Jesus) or the writers of the Scriptures (including the Holy Spirit!) did not know the difference or that they are “talking down” to a pre-scientific audience is patronizing and arrogant and is reading something into the text that isn’t there.


Can you be specific of where distinctions are made between mental illnesses, physical illnesses and demons, not including where Scripture mentions “lunatics” once or twice. Where IIRC, the word “lunatic” was often used to describe epilepsy.
Until modern times epileptics were thought to be insane or demon possessed.

Also, why would my new Bible suggest that Mary Magdalene suffered from mental
if there was zero chance of that being possible?


I think so but I haven’t had much time to go through a lot of it yet.


Thanks Clinton.


I provided a pair of quotes above. Do a word study on “demons” and “healing” in the New Testament and you will find more instances when healings are mentioned distinctly from exorcisms.

Where IIRC, the word “lunatic” was often used to describe epilepsy. Until modern times epileptics were thought to be insane or demon possessed.

While that may be true in many cases among ignorant and superstitious people, it does not preclude the fact that there are actual demons and that they do, in fact, occasionally possess people and need to be exorcised. If the New Testament makes the distinction, it should be taken at face value.

Also, why would my new Bible suggest that Mary Magdalene suffered from mental problems if there was zero chance of that being possible?

I can’t guess the motivations of whoever put the notes for your study Bible together, but much thinking like this about miracles and demonic activities comes out of mind-set that, because people that came before us (including those who wrote the Bible) were less technologically advanced than us, they must have been stupider and unable in any circumstance to differentiate physical illness (which may include mental illness–the Bible doesn’t make any distinction) from demonic possession. If the notes in your Bible say, “She probably suffered a serious mental or physical illness…” but don’t give any evidence to back their assertion, they’re just making an unsubstantiated supposition.

I recommend the book below if you would like more reliable information about possesion and exorcisms.

Interview With and Exorcist, by Fr. Jose Fortea


I already have one book on exorcisms (I’m not home right now, dont remember the name) and one of my priests suggested I buy Angels and Devils, which I’m currently waiting for.
Can you end the suspense and give me an online link to help me out?


A link to what, specifically?


Two things.

  1. For about a week or so now I’ve been asking for up-to-date information by credible, Catholic sources that say exactly WHY, despite our Church saying that true demonic possession is rare, ABy is it that there were so many demons being cast out during the time of Jesus compared to any other time, including now?

  2. I’d like some credible information about people of that time and what hey did and did. Of know about medicine, physical and mental illness.


The book I’ve been reading, that I mentioned before is “Evidence of Satan in the Modern World.” It’s a pretty old book, though, written in the early 60’s.


Sorry I found a weird typo I had to fix. Fidelis? I was hoping you’d reply.


We live in a world that denies that it’s even possible for someone to be demon possessed. Today someone who may be possessed by a demon might be said to have schizophrenia or mental illness. But I think it makes more sense to trust what Jesus called it since He was the one who was able to cure it while doctors today can only treat it with drugs but can’t cure it. The one who can cure it is the one who knows better what it is. Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Magisterium have always affirmed the existence of angels and demons. It’s a core part of our faith. And Jesus was able to cure someone possessed by demons. So it’s demon possession.


The best I can do is to point you back to my book recommendation above. it has a lot of answers to questions like these.


Here’s a good reference for what the Catholic Church teaches about demons:

The Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: Christian Faith and Demonology


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