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Anyone recommend a particularly good edition of the bible? My parents wants to buy me a gift. Prayer book recommendations work as well.


I was also wondering if anyone could recommend a good “Bible in one year” book. There are several, but I would hate to pick a bad one. Thanks.


Try the Ronald Knox translation. I promise, you’ll love it!

I find it extremely “readable,” and it seems the best one for Lectio Divina, as well, because it’s such a pleasure to read.


catholic edition.


Jerusalem Bible.
Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition.
New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition
New American Bible Revised Edition.


I asked for the Knox Bible from Baronius Press that Wild Child suggested for my Christmas gift last year. Still reading it through with the kids. It’s extremely enjoyable. In addition to the fact that Ronald Knox is my translation hero (he singlehandedly translated the Bible, in addition to The Imitation of Christ, and wrote mysteries on the side), I liked how he (a) handled place names [making the symbolism more obvious-- “the Sheep Tower” vs “[URL=“”]Migdal Eder”] and (b) handled his formatting [ie, his sentences take up the whole page, versus two or three columns of text per page]. If you’re wanting something super-scholarly with extensive notes, look elsewhere— but it is a very literate, elegant, readable translation.


My own favorite is the Douay-Rheims published by Baronius Press. :slight_smile:

In the first place, it is a faithful translation of the Latin Vulgate, which the Church has taught is free from errors in faith and morals, and that it can be used in debate and to settle doctrine. In fact, there is an interesting quasi-tension here: even if the Latin Vulgate does not reflect the autographs in certain places, it nonetheless is free from error and it has tremendous doctrinal authority in all of its particulars.

Secondly, the language of the Douay-Rheims is dignified, and its archaic forms become a sort of elevated, religious language. As far as I’m concerned, that is tremendously important, since reverence should always be cultivated.

Finally: the Baronius Press edition, while containing some minor typos as of a a year or two ago, nonetheless is extremely beautiful. The inspired, inerrant Scriptures should be in a beautiful book, and they should look more like a Cathedral than a phone book.


Good translations:

King James Version (with separate Apocrypha volume)
Knox Bible
Revised Standard Version


OP, it would helpful if you would state what in particular would appeal to you.
Do you like flowery language?
Do you like more modern language?
Do you love the footnotes?
Single column reading, or 2 columns?
Large print?
What are your preferences?
Any Bible you will actually read is a good one.
All of the ones mentioned have their own strengths.
A good Catholic Bible.
FYI, if you want to become familiar with the readings the way they are done in the US, the NAB is what is used in the Mass.


I don’t know, I just got a KJV red-letter edition
Bible!! It was my FIRST version of the Bible
after I got personal with Christ!!


Read some samples from the Knox edition before you decide that is the Bible you want. It’s not for everyone.


The Didache Bible from Ignatius Press! It uses the RSV-2CE translation and has excellent Catholic theological notes based upon the Catechism of the Catholic Church!


Just got the USCCB.ORG Personal Edition NAB. Yes NAB. Why? I have all the other ones mentioned. Love the Didache rsv but the text size is a pain

Leather like flex cover, readable text size, minimal notes, color maps, lays flat. Nice center margins, red tabs, red chapter headings, bible paper, gold trim. Only down side is one ribbon.

Lets face it NAB is in place in the Holy Mass (with some edits)so we should read it

I really feel this is a nice effort for the USCCB




Merry Christmas! I like easy to understand but faithful to the church’s master texts language. I can do with or without footnotes. I like books with “extra stuff” too, like prayers or devotions or something.
I usually like modern language, but also I have an NAB and I’ve heard it has some deficiencies.
I like


The NAB translation is mostly fine. The main thing people object to is the notes.


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