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can someone help me out with what would be an appropriate version for a new bible? its for me and i want to buy one of those which have a daily reading so that you can read the entire bible in a year


There is a Catholic (NAB) Bible that is broken down into 365 readings so that you read the entire Bible in one year. I can’t remember the title of it, but I’m sure you could find it or order it at any Catholic book store (or online). It’s the only one I’ve ever seen like that.


the Catholic Youth bible comes in both NRSV and NAB translation, and has several reading plans, including a “read in one year” plan. But you don’t need to buy the bible, you can purchase pamphlets with one year or other topical reading plans and use it with your current bible. look on and other catholic sites for such suggestions.


One of our Catholic bookstores sells a pamphlet that has Bible and Catechism passages for every day of the year. That’s an awful lot of reading for one year, though.


I don’t think 365 readings would cover the entire Bible. I might be wrong though.
At the church, the daily readings are broken down by Year A, B, C and also Odd and Even years (if I remember these terms correctly). In other words, if a book is prepared for one year, it can’t cover everything - if you are December 12 of Year A, the readings will be different than those of Year B, etc…


I think the actual Bible has 365 readings (one for each day of the year). I don’t think the poster who mentioned this Bible was referring to the Lectionary. Basically, the readings would have to be longer for each day if part of a Bible reading plan, not a Lectionary based plan (which would take 3 years).


I don’t like Lectionary-based reading plans, as they tend to omit so many passages, especially in the OT, so one tends to get what we in the engineering field call an “under-sampling” of the whole. Also, at certain times of the year, the Sunday Gospel reading is covered again during the same week.

Most other plans that purport to cover the “whole” bible in a year do so almost chapter-by-chapter, book-by-book, with little regard for the Church’s liturgical year. Too bad there aren’t more plans based on the Breviary, aka “The Liturgy of the Hours”, to those who know little or nothing of the Church before Vatican II.

Back in the '50s /early '60s, Liturgical Press (when it still printed material worthy of the title “Catholic”) used to publish a booklet for 50 cents entitled “Daily Bible Reading With The Church”. It contained a 2-year plan of the OT based on the liturgical year (e.g., Isaias was read at Advent/Christmas, Historical Books after Pentecost), and a NT in order of when the books were written. I still have it (though it’s really in poor physical shape) and have used in consistently since 1989.


True. I went to Mass yesterday, and heard the same Gospel reading today as well (today I went to Vigil Mass for 4th Sunday of Advent).


It seems like establishing that order would involve a lot of guesswork.


If you read four chapters a day, you can read the whole Bible in less than a year.



Here’s a one-year plan for the Bible and Catechism combined:


thank you!!! this is awesome


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