New Bill could make abortion completely illegal in Florida


*All sides are weighing in on a controversial new bill that calls for an all-out ban on abortion in Florida – even in cases of incest or rape – with one of its co-sponsors, State Representative Dane Eagle of Cape Coral.

House Bill 865 would make abortion completely illegal in Florida. The only exception is if two doctors agree the mother’s life is in danger. It’s a bill that flies directly in the face of Roe vs. Wade – as it makes its way through the committee in Tallahassee.

By a vote of 8 to 3, a House committee advanced a bill that makes abortion in Florida illegal and makes operating an abortion clinic a first-degree felony punishable by 30 years in prison.

“That really should not be anybody’s decision except the person in that situation,” said Christine Nordlund of Fort Myers.

Some lawmakers disagree as their bill says human life begins at conception. Abortions would only be legal if two doctors agree it could save a mother’s life.

“I’m against abortion and I would agree with outlawing it,” said Collene Biagini of Fort Myers.

Abortions would even be denied in the case of rape or incest.

“If a woman is raped, she has a right to abort that child,” said Karen Ebersole of Fort Myers.

The CEO of Southwest Florida’s Planned Parenthood, Barbara Zdravecky, calls the bill an all-out assault on women.

“Never before have we seen such aggressive action,” said Zdravecky. “And Dane Eagle who was one of the co-sponsors. He’s in your neighborhoods and so letting his office know that is not acceptable, and these women will vote.”

The bill has been introduced in past years, but never makes it to a vote. But this year, more legislators are signing onto it. But Dane Eagle told us he’s making no apologies for supporting it.

“I’m hardline when it comes to this issue,” said Eagle. “I think there is a lot of support for it and we look forward to seeing how far it advances.”

“This is something that is not going [to] pass Constitutional muster,” said Attorney Scot Goldberg. “This would be challenged constitutionally within days of this being passed if that were to happen.”

Many women would be led to believe that 1973’s Roe vs. Wade decision would prevail.

“I’m not either pro or con abortion, but I think everybody has the right to do with their body what [they] think is best,” said Dunia Sanchez of Miami.

Keep in mind – while the bill is gaining some support, it must go through more hearings before it’s voted on in both houses.

We also reached out to several other local legislators to find out if they support it – none of them chose to weigh in.*

Now, while this obviously sounds great, it’s more of a symbolic thing. If it is signed into law, it would likely be overturned real quick.


"If a woman is raped, she has a right to abort that child," said Karen Ebersole of Fort Myers.

No she does NOT, dear. That child has every right to be born and live the life God gave him or her, because he or she has been given a soul, and He has a plan for him or her, and it was not his or her fault that they were conceived from an attack. Again, just the selfishness and the injustice. This is just plain wrong, wrong, wrong, dear, and you had better learn to understand that. Why is it so hard to have compassion on these innocent lives? Why would the woman want to turn from the innocent victim of rape to the aggressive attacker, now making her unborn child the innocent victim? What a twisted way to see an innocent child, conceived from a terrible thing.

The CEO of Southwest Florida’s Planned Parenthood, Barbara Zdravecky, calls the bill an all-out assault on women.

Yes, dear. In your eyes, anything condemning abortion is an “assault on women”. Better to keep the assaults on the babies. Because that is exactly, dear, what your beloved legal murder is. A comfort for women, an assault on their unborn children.

"I’m not either pro or con abortion, but I think everybody has the right to do with their body what [they] think is best," said Dunia Sanchez of Miami.

Oh, yes, yes. The old “right to do what they want with their body” mantra. No. Correction. What you think is the right to do what you feel is “best” to the tiny, defenseless baby’s body. What chance has a little baby against a big, selfish pig?

Abortions would only be legal if two doctors agree it could save a mother’s life.

So it makes sense to kill of the baby, directly, viciously, in order to “save” another life that is in “danger.” This is just more damned excuse. Just how, exactly, is a woman’s life in danger? I notice they’re always so vague on this. It’s difficult, I guess, to keep track of lies and excuses that make no sense.

Without their sugar-coated, twisted phrasing of everything, in other words, what they are bluntly saying is just this:

“Abortion needs to be kept legal because we care nothing about children or family. Just the sex. Who cares?”


It could make abortion illegal but it doesn’t appear that it will. Attorney Scot Goldberg appears correct when he said, “This is something that is not going to pass Constitutional muster. This would be challenged constitutionally within days of this being passed if that were to happen.”

“That became even more likely Monday morning after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned an abortion ban in North Dakota.”

“Rep. Dave Kerner, D-Lake Worth, pointed to the court’s ruling in Roe vs. Wade, as well as a Florida constitutional protection of privacy to debate against the bill.”


And another thought. Are people really and truly this delusional that they feel a woman’s body is a shrine and any life which grows there is to be condemned as the aggressor? Have we become this desensitized and brain-poisoned? And yet we’re overly sensitive about ridiculous things. Bleeding hearts, and all that. But when it comes to the deliberate vicious murder of a tiny baby? The hearts freeze and all turn into cold, clinical robots.
And just think of Mary. A young girl. Not even living with her husband yet. An “unplanned pregnancy”, so to speak. It came as a surprise to her. And yet…the ultimate mother. Just think of how beautiful that is, now, in comparison to this horrible selfishness?
I’m becoming more and more sickened. Abortionists, those who have abortions and think nothing of it beyond being their “right”, and all who support this evil nonsense are no different than the cold-blooded killers we have sitting in prisons. It’s just that this murder is classified as a “legal right.” Just because it’s legal, dear, doesn’t mean it’s right. A “right” to do the wrong thing, is more like it. And how unfortunate that such a thing is even a consideration among so many.
I’m being bluntly honest. Abortion is all about sex. Nothing more. Have all the rotten sex you want, and get rid of your clump of nothing, because, after all, what you want is so much more important than the dignity of anyone else. You are all that matters.
How about this? UNBORN LIVES MATTER. But we don’t see that, now do we? Never will. It has, is, and always will be about the sex. Women want to have sex and bump off their own children who “get in their way.” Just admit it. Love yourself, put yourself and sex above God, above other human beings, above all else. Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex…damned rotten sex.


It’ll never fly. Even if passed the Supreme act will shoot it down.


It will never happen. Case closed.



I hope this has helped

God Bless

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All things are possible with God! I will continue to ask our Blessed Mother to pray for all who support and practice this evil to repent. Our Lord turned water into wine at the behest of His Mother; He may provide for the turning of those hearts.

What do abortion profiteers imagine the future on earth to be like? Perhaps because of their greed and selfishness they do not have children to live the future. They probably say the same thing as Hilary Clinton, “what difference does it make anyway”! Or take phone and pen to provide the way for abortion profiteers as Obama has repeatedly done.

All things are possible with God! His Ways are not understood by we mortals and there may be a cause and effect coming. Case open!


One way or another there will come a day in which people understand just how terrible abortion is. It took a long, long time for people to understand the horrors of slavery. Sadly.


Agree with you on that! I think abortion is kin to slavery. A slave suffered life according to the whim of the “master” to the point of death! Dissapoint the slave owner and be sold, tortured and killed - sound familiar?

A child created by God is destined to begin an earthly life in the womb of the mother. That is not negotiable. To defy God’s plan is a repeat of original sin. Some god-wannabees strive to create life in petri dishes, mix humans with animals, design humans and reject by slaughter as they choose. Among all other sinful perversions known only to Satan, at least for now, destroying a soul created by God is against the Holy Spirit that lives in us.

What waits for those who choose to destroy God?


Well, if they can charge and prosecute someone who kills a pregnant woman with 2 counts of murder, its pretty clear on what the law considers to be a ‘life’.


As voters we need to be more than single-issue voters because this is no more than pandering to the pro-life base

Those advancing the bill know perfectly well it’s unconstitutional.
They don’t really want this law, they just want the praise they get from even suggesting it.

The Florida Legislature has an election this year. That’s all they care about.


Making abortion illegal does not solve the problem it simply pushes it into the backstreets. The only way to be really effective is to change the attitudes and values of society which takes patience, understanding and compassion. Strident militancy loses out when it becomes oppressive. Amor vincit omnia.


So we should never pass a law that people are going to break? The "hearts and minds " argument has always been used as an excuse to allow this abject evil to continue .


Would you vote for candidate who was “right” on all the issues except for the fact they supported re-instituting in slavery?


Imagine if Abraham Lincoln and MLK had said, “forget about trying to end slavery and racial discrimination, let’s try and change the mindset of the racists instead”.

These things would have lasted FAR longer and may have very well still been highly present today.


By all means pass laws but allow for the fact many many women will break them. To punish women who do is to set yourself or the state up in place of God’s Judgement. So often I hear this on Christian websites - this move to replace the judgement of God with that of man. I am reminded of Pope Francis who said " Who am I to judge" It was a theologically correct statement. Jesus after all taught us " Judge not let you also are judged!"


So you oppose all laws?


Awesome post!:thumbsup: Let me add,last night on EWTN they ran a documentary called
Sidewalk Counseling(I might not have the title exactly correct) In this program the profiled and interviewed women who experienced crises pregnancies, one of the women pregnant as a result of rape.All of these women found respite,counseling and care in a residence for unmarried expectant womenthrought their stay they were counseled in the beautiful gift of adoption,as a loving option to abortion.The one victim of rape has kept her daughter and she attested to exactly what you stated ,her child was a gift from God,a true blessing.:heart_eyes:
They then provided several postabortive women,their pain and regret was palpable,they gave authentic testimony to how vile the experience of abortion is.That what they believed to be a solution,turned into a life of ,in many cases drug addiction,alcholism and depression😪
Finally,they shared their personal experiences with the abortion procedure,it was chilling and brought tears to my eyes.
We all can only continue to pray that this evil scourge on our society is blotted out once and for all.:pray:


That may be the reason why many of our laws are not effective, we are supposed to put Gods laws first, they are the priority, but in our secular world, it is the opposite, we hold mans law as the priority. I think this may be why all thru out our history, laws are put in place, but they dont work to deter the crime, people are still willing to commit the crimes, imo, its time to try something different.

Im not claiming to have the solution this, but in these modern times, when we have all these smart people coming up with solutions to other problems, seems like there would at least be some suggestions. When it comes to certain laws, they just dont work, our prisons are filled with people willing to break those laws, more people are born everyday that will grow up the same way too.

Maybe if our society stopped putting mans laws as the priority, things would get better?

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