New Bishop for Houma-Thibodaux, USA

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Monday named Bishop Shelton Fabre as the new Bishop of Houma-Thibodaux in the United States. He replaces Bishop Sam G. Jacobs, whose resignation the Holy Father accepted upon having reached the age limit.

Bishop Shelton J. Fabre was born in New Road, Louisiana, in the Diocese of Baton Rouge on 25 October 1983. He studied at Saint Joseph Seminary College in Saint Benedict Louisiana before attaining his Baccalaureate and Master in Religious Studies at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.

He was ordained a priest of the diocese of Baton Rouge on 5 August 1989.

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note: many people where expecting this assignment

You beat me to it CatholicTiger!!! Praise God, we have a new Shepherd!

May God grant Him success in Jesus name Amen

I’m praying for God to guide him and for all of my Catholic friends in the area.

On my way to New Orleans last Thursday my vehicle wanted to make the turn onto 310 and head over that way. :smiley:

Hey maltmom, you’re welcome here anytime my friend!

Thanks for the prayers. I had the pleasure to serve at Mass with Bishop Fabre this morning in a special Mass at the Chancery in H/T. I couldn’t help but have my mind go crazy while I sat next to him in Mass about the future and what it may hold for us with Bishop Fabre as our leader.

At the same time the thoughts and prayers of gratitude for the service Bishop Jacobs has given us for the last 10 years.

All I can say is I am feeling very blessed by God this day! Praise God!:slight_smile:

Thank you Dcn Gary. I’ll get back there one day…God willing.

Thank God for many blessings.

I just watched the livestream of the installation of this bishop. While usually I am pleased to watch episcopal installations, as they are the pinnacle of a diocese’s best liturgy, including pontificalia, vestments, furnishings, and music, the music for this liturgy is abysmal. At least they are using an organ, but the hymns are dreadful. And the multi-culti approach really grates on me whenever it is used. Yes, I see you are an inclusive and well-integrated melting pot of a community. But does that mean you have to spout off two dozen languages that nobody else understands during the Prayers of the Faithful, which is when we are supposed to be praying in unity for the needs of all people?

Episcopal installations/ordinations tend to be either the most sublime of liturgies or the most ideologically-driven and atrocious.

The past eight years of installations were, by and large, pretty great. At least the last year or two when I started watching livestreams of them. Since the regime change this year, I lack the same confidence in new appointments now.

I’ll be interested to hear the comments of my brother seminarians many of which were there tonight. While I’m not from Houma-Thibodaux I’m excited for what this bishop is going to do for HT. He is a great guy.

Bishop Fabre was my parish priest years ago. He is a very good and holy man. They couldn’t have made a better pick!

I was there. I can assure you it had nothing to do with Bishop Fabre. I closed my eyes many times during this liturgy, it was very painful to watch and listen to. Bishop Fabre’s homily was very good and inspiring and gives us much hope for our future. (Hopefully with a new director of worship for the diocese! :D)

PM me if you have any questions which I cannot answer publically.

One of them is my son; I can assure he will have much to say to you. We had some good discussions yesterday of what not to do if, God willing, he make it to ordination.

From what I have seen of him so far I’d have to agree 100% with this statement.:thumbsup::slight_smile:

you mentioned that to me we go to different seminaries currently.

also the Nuncio came up our way today and said mass for us. He is very soft spoken though and I couldn’t hear his homily well :(.

Yes, that is right; you are now at Notre Dame and my boy is still at St. Ben’s.

The Nuncio is very soft spoken. It was quite intriguing to hear him read the letter of appointment at the Mass yesterday. That was my first experience of an installation of a bishop.

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