New Blog by Franciscan Sisters

I’d invite you to check out our new blog for insights and real-life examples of religious life. Our Franciscan Fiat - - is the new blog for the Franciscan Sisters of Dillingen in the USA. It is thus titled since we, as Franciscan Sisters of Dillingen, strive to echo Mary’s ‘yes,’ her ‘fiat’ every day.

Thanks for posting this. I didn’t know your community even existed.


Thank you. I am enjoying this blog!

You are blessed to have the opportunity to live a consecrated life. Yours is far more genuine and meaningful than the secular world, which is shallow and artificial. Best wishes in your endeavors.

It’s still going. I’ve given it a bit of a new look; you can check it out at: . Have a great day!

Pretty soon, hopefully, the snow will be gone, and the header image will again be an accurate portrayal (green plant life)

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