New Blog for Catholic-JW Dialogue

As promised, I am getting back to those interested with information on a question/answer blog site written for those who have questions regarding how Catholics can dialogue with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

While it is in blog format, it is set up for individuals to ask questions. It is called “Thy Kingdom Come” and can be found at

The blog is written by the main voice behind “DelsonJacobs.” While the partial name of one of us, “Delson” has actually been three people who have been ghost writing for an author and film producer by the name of Carl Hernz.

While Mr. Hernz has never directly posted here, we asked him questions, got the bulk of the answers from him and took turns posting them here. One of the reasons for this is due to the fact that Mr. Hernz has Parkinson’s disease. Another, for those of you familiar with the man, is because he has been busy restoring a very important film.

While we tried our best to capture his style of writing, you will notice we never came close. Mr. Hernz has an approach to the Witnesses many will find is filled with mercy, abbreviated with patience, and occasionally laced with incurable humor. While the personal details of the “DelsonJacobs” belongs to one of us, they were also loosely based on Mr. Hernz. More details on his story will be shared on the blog in the upcoming weeks.

We were never sure if Carl would be available to write this blog, so we could not announce anything until now. We didn’t even know if we would be able to supply answers here due to his particular circumstances. Fortunately after much discussion from us and others, Mr. Hernz is now in a position to provide assistance.

Carl was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses between 1985 and 1999. He joined when he was 17, not knowing exactly what he was getting into at the time. He left the Witnesses to return to the Catholic faith. A Hebrew Catholic, he met one of us through a network and we got together to do this after requesting his assistance. You will learn quickly that Carl is very well-equipped to help in this work. He has an IQ somewhere in the top 2%, and has a great love for people. He has worked professionally for the pastoral offices of a diocese he once lived in before returning to film work, and he is currently semi-retired as he concludes work on his final film project. He is an expert on the JWs, having a very balanced view of them that demonstrates a kindness that, we must admit, we sometimes lacked.

Feel free to contact him via the above site. You will find him very approachable, and even JWs will find him far more fair than I believe we were here.

We ask only one thing: Please do not send Mr. Hernz materials for film or book ideas. Mr. Hernz does not read them and unsolicited materials or ideas risk becoming his property anyway when they are sent to him. He is freely offering his time and much work in this special ministry, so approaching him with the belief that one can make some sort of connection in media, film, television, publishing or otherwise through him is totally improper and a waste of time. This is also not a venue to ask for advice on how to “break into the business” either.

We thank everyone for their support and ask for prayers as Mr. Hernz does this work in the face of battling Parkinson’s disease. We also thank everyone here at Catholic Answers, posters and moderators, for their support and ask all to remember CAF in both prayerful and practical ways to support its important work too.

Any further questions should be submitted to him. Also, opinions offered under the name “DelsonJacobs” on this site do not reflect the personal opinions of Mr. Hernz himself.

Thanks to all of you and God bless.

“DelsonJacobs” a.k.a.
M.D. Jacobs, S.L. Pena, J. Oskar.

Hard case! So you are several people pretending to be one person!
A team effort eh?

“You” often wrote as if you were talking from personal experience. I kinda feel a bit mislead. :wink:
Though I was often amazed at the extent and research of your replies. I guess if you have a team on the project that explains it. :rolleyes:

Are you all ex-JW’s? Which one of you believed he was of the 144,000? Was that Mr. Hernz or another of his writers?

Mormons have done the same thing on this site. It’s pretty obvious since each person has a different style of writing.

The personal details provided here on line reflect most one of the writers (some of which are shared with Carl, though definitely not all). The research was all from Carl however with only a few details added to the answers by the writers.

There was never an intent to fool anyone, however. One ghost writer worked at a time. I, Delson, was the first and main one but was not always available. I began working on this alone but turned to Carl for assistance from the beginning. As things progressed the information came from Carl and others helped present it depending on our schedules.

Carl actually didn’t want to do any of this at first. Mr. Hernz had experienced problems with Internet fans in the past, some of which stole materials from his studio during his last film project. He was quite unplugged from all types of social media as a result, so outside of providing the research (which took some convincing as well) he really wanted to stay out of the picture. But as time went on hundreds upon hundreds of people expressed interest in the work, and many requests came from Catholics asking for help. So Carl finally agreed and began preparations last month to return to blogging.

From this point onward all ghost writers are out of the picture and you will need to present your questions on the blog to Carl himself. Carl will not be posting on this site (CAF) or any forum of any type either.

This is also my final post. God bless.

Therefore,- will a *real person *be able to reply to a legitimate question on this site without a team of anti –jehovah’s witnesses compiling an elaborate and complex counter-argument, - while pretending to be an ordinary actual person? :smiley:

That is quite a relief in the interests of honest debate :thumbsup:

If you ambush a *real person *discussion, I will quote you on the “this is also my final post” bit. Ha ha. :wink:

It sounds like “you” have set up your own soap box now to protest those wicked JW’s who are doing the world wide preaching work Jesus prophesied!

It was good talking to your team. God bless. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand the problem with the “team approach”. I see people do it all the time in my neighborhood. :shrug: Who cares how many people it takes to communicate truth?


I find it a little deceiving. Don’t have a problem with a team approach as long as it is disclosed up front, which in this case it wasn’t.

Team, One person! Who cares

I found it a little shady as well, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that all the answers that were given were given in a positive and truthful manner.

I have absolutely NO interest in discussing things with any JW. In my experience it has always been an exersise in futility, and a one sided conversation. So many witnesses are caught up so much in their cultish mentality that they dominate any discussion and refuse to debate at all.

JWs seem to be a cult involving the worship of a name, a name that does not really exist at all. That name came about by combining the vowels and consonants of two Hebrew words. I asked a JW woman what difference it makes in the word we use for God when there is only one God? She replied that we are supposed to call God Jehovah because the bible says to. But the non-sense word Jehovah does not appear anywhere in the bible. She was stuck and just walked away.

Theirs is a man made ideology worshiping a man made name that centralises a cultish worship of a group of men in Brooklyn that just happen to control the largest privately owned printing company in the world.

Count Down to Armageddon cards. Yeah that’s not weird at all…

As someone who grew up in the Jehovah’s Witness cult and as someone who spends countless hours “debating/sharing/discussing” theology/history with JWs, it is hard to argue with anything you have posted here.

That said, we really don’t know what effect our witnessing to the Witnesses has on them. If even one JW left that cult during my whole witnessing effort, I would consider it time well spent.

I will also readily admit that I do struggle with bitterness. This cult destroyed my parent’s marriage and much of my childhood (not asking for sympathy, just stating the facts and this experience is almost universal among ex-JWs), so it’s hard not to be a little bit bitter. It is something that I’m constantly working on though.

JWs seem to be a cult involving the worship of a name, a name that does not really exist at all. That name came about by combining the vowels and consonants of two Hebrew words. I asked a JW woman what difference it makes in the word we use for God when there is only one God? She replied that we are supposed to call God Jehovah because the bible says to. But the non-sense word Jehovah does not appear anywhere in the bible. She was stuck and just walked away.

Perhaps you made an impression on her and she may have researched it further? Or perhaps she shrugged you off and never thought of it again. That said, we must always try to witness to the lost, even if it seems futile.

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