New Blog for those interested in an Oblate's journey

Hi, my name is Lissa Morris. I am an ordinary Catholic wife and mother of four who is taking the journey into the Rule of St. Benedict. Anyone care to tag along…?
I am also a musician who plays in our little cathedral here in Guthrie OK and sometimes having crises in the choir loft makes for amusing stories.
My blog is at:
You’re welcome to drop by and leave a comment or two!

interesting site,thanks

Lissa, congratulations to you! This is a tremendous opportunity for growing closer to God. Thank you for inviting us to share in your journey. :slight_smile:

I don’t have Windows ID Live so I can’t add a comment to your blog, but I bet lots of Oblates have the problem of saying Vespers “on time”. Perhaps you can ask other oblates how they handle it? Personally, I would rather pray Vespers and Compline together instead of omitting one or the other.

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