New Blog Post and a Prayer Request

Hello all,

After a few weeks hiatus from writing, I finally have a new, short post on my blog about my postabortion healing and recovery. I also will be seeing my Project Rachel counselor tonight after an equally long hiatus - I humbly ask for prayers that the time be well spent and fruitful.

I have just passed the 24th Anniversary of my abortion. Time is a funny thing - it can heal and wound at the same time.

Thank you for the prayers.

I will pray for you. I haven’t had time to read all of your blog, but your most recent post had me in tears. What you said about the circumstances around your abortion show that it was not a freely-made choice. I hope someone will correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the Church teach that in order to sin, we must have full knowledge and full consent? I can’t see that either of those conditions, especially that of consent, were there. You did not have an option, you had to do this. Therefore it can’t be a sin.

I used to volunteer helping women who had had abortions to talk about what happened. Many of the stories were similar to yours. Ever since, I have prayed that charities in every country will set up a national network of support centers for such women. I believe if such a network of places existed, if pregnant women and teenagers could quickly and easily access financial, emotional and practical support, including accommodation, that the abortion rate would half within a couple of years. I can only hope that it is God’s Will, otherwise some poor woman will be writing a similar blog in 25 years time.

You and Grace are in my prayers, I am sure you will be given the joy of knowing her in Heaven.

Praying for you and for all.

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