New Bob Woodward Book



The book release is next week. So it will be difficult to discuss until we get a chance to read it.


Just from the reading the article it’s gonna be interesting to read the comments…


I concur. Popcorn? :popcorn:

Something stronger? :hamburger:

Even stronger? :tumbler_glass:



It doesn’t matter what the book says next week. RBG’s replacement will be named by conservative Republican president regardless of what he writes.

No one is sitting around wringing their hands and fretting “Oh my goodness! Bob Woodward didn’t write a book that favored Trump!”

Elections have consequences.


Gotta break out the strong stuff I guess.



Woodward had one outstanding opportunity in his lifetime to write a book, and took it. it wasn’t this one.


Yeah, his time has past. Now it’s just a matter churning out out something to pay the bills.

Did anyone really expect anything that would remotely be objective?


He’s written a number of books.

“All the Presidents Men” being one of them.


From the article:

Woodward’s book relies on hundreds of hours of taped interviews and dozens of sources in Trump’s inner circle, as well as documents, files, diaries and memos, including a note handwritten by Trump himself. Woodward explains that he talked with sources on “deep background,” meaning he could use all the information but not say who provided it.

How sad it is to see the Mighty Bob Woodward reduced to a mere gossip columnist…


Trump is doing a great job. The economy is fantastic. If Trump is such a danger to the nation, these sources need to come forward put their hand on a bible so they can save the nation.


It is sad to him in that situation. It is humorous (and sad at the same time actually) to see people clinging to the idea that he is still relevant in some way.

Bob Woodward was relevant in 1974. Now? Who cares!?!?

I have three girls. They are 21, 17.5, and 15 years old. They are the future pro life generation. Ask them and they will say “ Who the heck is Bob Woodward?”


I think I’ll save my money and put it to good use somewhere else.


That’s fine.

I only commented that we can’t discuss a book that hasn’t been released yet.

And I also suggested some snacks and beverages, until the book is released.


Set aside the strongest bevvie you’ve got. Even tho I won’t be buying the book (left the gotta know every little thing about phase long ago), the comments in this thread will probably be enough to warrant a strong one. But don’t let me near the popcorn. There won’t be any left for sharing.


I’ll take Door #3, thank you.


I’ll take #3 too.


Can’t wait to read this one!


??? She has no plans to retire.


She’s 85 years old. I don’t think what she plans is the biggest variable…

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