New Boko Haram leader vows to kill all Christians


Nigeria’s Boko Haram Islamic extremists have a new leader who is threatening to bomb churches and kill Christians while ending attacks on mosques and markets used by ordinary Muslims, representing a major shift in strategy for the Nigerian extremists who have killed more Muslims than Christians in attacks in mosques with suicide bombers and gunmen.


The anti-Christian faction of Islam has grown since the US has invaded Muslim countries, killing many civilians.


That has certainly been fodder for the fire of hate that the Islamic extremists are trying to spread.


Not surprising. This is almost like a terrorist version of a PR pivot due to Boko Haram being on the ropes since late 2015. One of they and Daesh’s biggest issues in garnering support from Muslims has been that they target Muslims more than they do anyone else. This looks like Boko Haram’s attempt to try and quash that image to curry favor with more Muslims. We’ll see if it works for them, but I don’t expect the government of Nigeria, or any other country they operate in, to let up on them.


praying for the Christian’s in Nigeria.


Agreed. A very sad situation, indeed. But, if we place our trust in the Lord, everything will be okay in the end.

May God bless you all. :slight_smile:


Prayers for all in the path of Daesh and Boko Haram. These groups hated Christians and especially those in the west before the war that never ends.




Pope Urban ll, Pray for Us!

Well-beloved brothers,

The heavy demands of the times have forced me, Urban, by the grace of God the wearer of the pontifical tiara and Pontiff of the whole earth, to come before you, the servants of God, as a messenger to reveal the divine will…

Although, children of God, you have made a solemn promise to keep peace among yourselves and faithfully uphold the rights of the Church, you must now, fortified anew by the grace of our Lord, show the strength of your zeal in the performance of a precious task which concerns all of you no less than it concerns the Lord. It is imperative that you bring to your brothers in the East the help so often promised and so urgently needed. They have been attacked, as many of you know, by Turks and Arabs, who have spread into imperial territories as far as that part of the Mediterranean which is known as the Arm of Saint George [1] and who are penetrating ever farther into the lands of these Christians, whom they have defeated seven times in battle, killing or capturing many of them. Churches have been destroyed and the countryside laid waste. If you do not make a stand against the enemy now, the tide of their advance will overwhelm many more faithful servants of God.

Therefore, I beg and beseech you–and not I alone, but our Lord begs and beseeches you as heralds of Christ–rich and poor alike make haste to drive this evil race from the places where our brothers live and bring a very present help to the worshippers of Christ. I speak in my own person to you who stand here. I will send the news to those who are far off, but it is the voice of Christ which commands your obedience.


We have had several priests from Nigeria serve in our parish over the years. One is now a bishop back in Nigeria, and another one died from cancer while he was with us. All of them agreed that they had so many seminarians that educating them was a serious financial problem. What a great problem to have! The Holy Spirit is alive and well in Nigeria and will surely outlast Boko Haram.


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