New Book about Discerning Priesthood is the First Book-Length Treatment of the Subject


If you are interested in the priesthood or know someone who is, you may find this very interesting.


I can attest this book is awesome! I’ve read it and it’s helped me understand my call to the priesthood. I didn’t know if it was okay to post like this on the book but I told a few people about it through pm’s. God bless


A bit pricey and it is not the first book on the subject.

Peter on the Shore and Could You Ever Become a Catholic Priest are both on that subject and both helped me greatly in my discernment.

Here are links…

Peter on the Shore
Could You Ever Become a Catholic Priest

IMHO both of these are a bit more affordable.


The two links you posted indicate that the materials are 182 and 172 pages respectfully; hardly considered book length. Fr. Brett Brannon’s book is 400 pages and, therefore, qualifies as book length. As for the price, I don’t consider $20 pricey when you consider how important the decision is.


A book is a book. I was unaware that there was a page limit to what a book is.

For some people $20.00 can be a lot of money.

Also, from its cover it is only for those discerning the secular priesthood while the two books I mentioned are open to a religious vocation.


A friend of mine published a book two years ago and was given very specific instructions how the acceptable number of pages.

The book does deal with how to discern a vocation to diocesan priesthood.


$20 is definitely worth it for Fr. Brannen's book... he's a very wise priest and has spent almost the entirety of his priesthood working with young men and women on discernment.


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