New book by an former Noble Prize winner

José Saramago has released his newest book, Cain. Basically he sets Cain up as a sort of time traveler through the OT to show all the death and destruction that God has brought about, and that such a God should be rebeled against. José’s interviews are saddening… Please pray for him!

He may be a Nobel Prize writer, but there’s nothing noble about him or his writing. Just another person wanting to stir up trouble and make a lot of money doing so.

“New Book By A Former Nobel Prize Winner” - oh, it’s Jose Saramago, I thought it was Barack Obama…:rolleyes:

Those Nobel prize winners have become quite an… um… interesting bunch in recent years, haven’t they? :o

Lets pray for him - he obviously has some anger towards his Creator that needs to be healed.

it doesn’t surprise me that this man is a Nobel Prize Winner. the committee is probably applauding his new work.
he sounds like he has a lot of unresolved anger with his Creator which is sad considering his age. i understand people being angry with God at certain points in their life and it is better to try to resolve those feelings.
there is another thread on this author and his book and he claims that the world would be better off without the Bible.

Does anyone else notice the irony in the story? The first portrayed murderer to slay his own brother in Biblical narrative, after God rejected Cain’s sacrifice, is to show all the death and destruction God has caused?

God Bless.


yes, it is ironic. a typical cry baby response!! :smiley: (Cain -in the story- is out for revenge by trying to show what a bad guy God is)

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