New Book by Orson Scott Card

I’ve been a huge fan of OSC for a while now. But never got into his “Women of the Bible” or “Alvin Maker” Series.

He just came up with a new Alvin book and the synopsis seemed interesting, but sounds it might be more into the mormon beliefs than any of his previous releases.

Has anyone has an opinion on this?

I wish he would kill off Alvin and Ender – maybe he could arrange for them to kill each other.

The Women of Genesis series (Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel and Leah) is quite good, check it out.

Maria - I haven’t read the new book. But I did read and enjoy the Alvin series. I guess when I read them I didn’t pay attention to any sort of theology. I can see how there might be mormom-type “beliefs” in there, but I took it as I did Harry Potter or any sci-fi or fantasy that I read (w/ the possible exception Tolkien & Lewis) - as a tall tale.

But I suppose the argument could be made that it might tweak one’s viewpoints and be dangerous. Since I’m a stubborn German, I don’t think I’ll be leaving my Catholic faith anytime soon. :whistle:

Seventh Son the proto-LDS stuff was fairly thick–and young Alvin was so annoying I wished he had been killed then and there.

Red Prophet and the rest–I think OSC toned down the LDS stuff, but its still there. What is intersting that OSC is essentially admitting to the folk magic background behind LDS–the same thing that got Michael Quinn excommunicated (well before Quinn outed himself as Gay)

Jimmy Akin’s blog has some pretty good commentary on the Ender series (far as I’m concerened, he should have stopped with Ender’s Game)

I am a huge fan of OSC. I dig the Ender books, the originals. Ender and Speaker for the Dead were good books. The rest of them, including the Bean books, sucked.

I read a couple of Alvin books, couldn’t get into them.

In general, his series books tend to be stretched out. Sometimes they seem like they are milking the story.

That being said, The Worthing Saga is one of the best books of science fiction I’ve ever read. It truly is genius. I highly recommend it.

A couple of his other one shot books, Treason, Wyrms, Lost Boys, are really good. His short stories are great too.

His mormon religion heavily influences what he writes, though. His Homecoming series is basically a retelling of the book of mormon. It starts out really good but the last three books are boring and weird and dumb.

His book about the early days of the LDS church is really insightful. It’s called Diana, I think. It almost got me to become a mormon. And it offers an interesting look at the polygamy stuff.

Do you happen to have a link to the synopsis? I’m a fan and I hadn’t heard anything about it.

Enders Game, Speaker for the Dead and Ender’s Shadow were all great. Seventh Son was excellent.

For stand alone books, Enchantment, Lost Boys and Wyrms were outstanding.


The update I got it from an Amazon email update was for Seventh Son (I guess it’s been out for a while):

I really enjoyed Empire. He released Hidden Empire in December:

I think for what has been said I’ll pass on the Alvin books. Having tweens at home I’ve better introduce them classic SciFi. Maybe Fahrenheit 451 before it’s burnt for being politically incorrect :rolleyes:

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