New Book C0-Authored by Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Sarah

Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Sarah co-author new book on priestly celibacy, taking a firm stand against the priestly ordination of married men.


I enormously respect both men - so thanks for the heads up!


This is a very timely, and probably necessary, intervention here by both men, given the results that are likely to soon be published on the Amazon synod.

It’s also interesting that Pope Benedict, after all of the controversy of the last nearly 7 years, chooses this topic to speak up on in such a clear way and make his opinion known. Maybe he just feels really strongly about priestly celibacy, or maybe he’s reached a tipping point given all that’s happened since he resigned and can’t say silent any longer (which he does sort of hint at in the book, apparently). In any event, it does seem like Pope Benedict has been much more active these last 1-2 years then he was in the immediate aftermath of his resignation.

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I will add this

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The Catholic Church becoming Divided between

Those who know about the Causes and Extent of All Abuses - including Sexual
which has devastated the view of Catholicism throughout the world.


Those who’ll continue to work on Sweeping it and Benedict - under the rug

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